Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


7. Chapter Six

Nate woke up on the couch in the condo, alone. Lynn was gone. He looked down and saw a note on his lap. It was from Lynn, saying Cathy was dragging her out of the condo at 1 am to go to some club; he sighed. It was 4 am, and no one was there. He decided to go to Lynn's room, and he turned on the television, he laid there watching it until about 5:30. As he was just about to fall asleep, he heard the door open. Lynn walked into her room, and smiled when she saw her. 

"Wow, you look amazing in that dress," he smiled. 

"Thanks but these stupid shoes are killing me." 

She went over to her dresser and grabbed her sweatpants again, then went into the bathroom. First she took off her make up, then her jewelry (leaving it on the counter), she also left her heels and dress in the bathroom. But, she put her dress on a hanger and hung it on the back of the door. After that she took bobby pins out of her hair; her hair was curled. She walked out of the bathroom in the gray sweats and blue shirt she wore earlier that night. 

"How'd it go?" He asked.

"I hated it." 


"I stood there alone as Cathy drank alcohol and flirted with every cute guy she could find. I swear it's almost like I don't know her anymore. She used to never do that stuff."


"Yes, never. We've known each other most of our lives, she used to be like me. But now, she doesn't want to ever be settled down. She just wants to party and have one night stands."

"Oh," he said, not knowing what else to say. 

Lynn laid in her bed next to Nate, they watched t.v. and talked for about an hour. Finally, Lynn fell asleep. She didn't wake up until about 1:00 pm, when she woke up she found herself alone and a note next to her:



Sorry I had to leave. I didn't want to. You were sound asleep. I left at 8 am. Wish I could stay with you all day and all night, but I have to go to work. I am a surf instructor, so if you ever wanted to find me, i'm more and likely at the beach. Hope to see you later today.



She smiled. He actually took the time to write her a note, just as she did him. After allowing herself to fully wake up, she put on some pink shorts, and a white over the shoulder t-shirt. Then she put her hair up in a messy ponytail again. When she walked into the living room area, Cathy wasn't in sight; which meant she was still asleep. Lynn made herself a quick snack- she was going to try to convince Nate to go to dinner somewhere. Once she was done, she cleaned up the kitchen and headed down to the beach. 

It was bright, so she placed her sunglasses on her face. After searching the beach for about 30 minutes, she found a group of surfers. She made her way over to the group, sure enough, Nate was in the middle of the group. He was talking so Lynn kept her distance, then everyone around him ran out to the water. She stayed silent, then she walked over to him.

"Hi," she said.

"Got my note hu?"


"What are you up to?" He asked.

"Well," she started, "nothing. Cathy is still sleeping. Probably won't wake up until about 6 pm. That's her lifestyle." 

"I'm sorry." He touched her face. 

She blushed.

"Lets go to dinner? My treat? Wear something nice."

"Sounds good," she smiled. 

Lynn headed back to her condo, because she didn't want to interrupt Nate at work. She went back to the condo,  grabbed a Coca-Cola, and headed to her room to find an outfit. When she couldn't find anything she wanted- she raided Cathy's clothes. Showing off a little wouldn't kill her tonight. 

Lynn's Outfit for date: 


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