Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


1. Chapter One

"Lets go on vacation!" Cathy suggested.

"But where?" Lynn asked her best friend.

"California! We have over $5,000 saved up."

"Lets do it!"

Cathy and Lynn jumped up and down. Both of them had beach blonde hair. Cathy had green eyes, Lynn blue eyes. They wore almost the same style of clothes, and they were the same size, so they normally shared. 

"There is so much we could do in Cali! The shopping, new restaurants, beaches, guys. Oh my gosh!" Lynn jumped in excitement. 

Both of the girls smiled at each other. They were both very excited. Cathy went and got on her laptop. She searched for cheap airline tickets, but then she realized that it would be cheaper to drive. Lynn too had a laptop, so she got on to check her bank account. Her mother, and one of her friends had been giving her money. She gasped at her the amount she stared at. Her bank account said: $200,000. She didn't spend much money and she had about $20,000 saved up that Cathy didn't know about. Her mother knew about the trip to California, so her mother must of given her some money. 

"Oh my gosh, Cathy!" She said.

"Well, I had $20,000 saved up. I was going to surprise you when we got there, but I just checked my bank account-" She paused.

"It's all gone isn't it?" Cathy asked.

"No," she looked at her, "I have $200,000." 

"Oh my-" Cathy stopped herself. 

"We are going to have a great time!" Lynn suggested. 
"Time to fill up the car, get some on the road treats, and be on our way! I'll pay," Cathy said. 

Lynn smiled, she was shocked that Cathy suggested to pay. Especially with knowing the huge amount she has in her bank account. Normally, Cathy would want Lynn to spend all of her money. Obviously she has some big plans for California. The two girls packed their suitcases, and headed to the grocery store and the gas station. 

They bought: a huge ice chest, two bags of ice, two 12 packs of soda (Coke and Dr. Pepper), sandwich stuff(ham, turkey, bologna, cheese, break, ketchup, mayo.), treats: pop tarts, rice krispies, cheese its, chips (lays, Doritos), and about 6 lunchables (2 pizza, 2 bologna, 2 chicken nugget). After that they bought 4 beach towels (2 each), filled up their car, and headed out. 

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