Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


6. Chapter Five

Lynn walked into the condo first. Cathy wasn't insight, which meant she was in her bedroom. Probably with some stranger, she wasn't going to look. She went to her bathroom and took a hot shower. After she got out she put on a pair of gray sweatpants, a blue baggy shirt, and threw her hair up in a messy ponytail. When she was done she went back to the living room to find Nate sitting on the couch.

"Want popcorn and a soda?"

"Sure," he smiled.

"Dr. Pepper or Coke?" 

"Oh hard decision," he teased. "Surprise me," he finished. 

She went into the kitchen and made some popcorn (yes, the condo has food in it already), and she grabbed two Coca-Cola's and headed back into the living room; she hinted him to follow her, and he did. They walked into the den. It was only 9:00 pm, and she wasn't even tired.

"Pick your poison," she pointed at a shelf with a bunch of movies, they were organized by genre. The person who owned this condo sure had a lot of stuff in it, ready to rent. 

"Horror," he smiles. 

"How about," she thought about it, "13 ghost?" She asked. 

"Works for me."

They sat and watched the entire movie, after it was over they just watched the television. Lynn fell asleep cuddling with Nate. Before she knew it, she was being woken up. It was Cathy.

"Get up!" She shook Lynn.


"We are going to the club."

"It's 1 am! Geez!" 

"And? Get up!"

"No! I'm not leaving Nate here alone."

"Who cares about him? Lets go!" 

"I care! I am not leaving him!"

"Yes you are!" 

Cathy yanked Lynn by the arm, she let go and headed towards Lynn's room. She grabbed a paper and wrote a note: 



Please forgive me. I am being dragged out of this condo at 1 am AGAINST my will. Cathy is forcing me to go to some stupid club. If you leave I understand, If you don't leave you know where my bedroom is. Hope you aren't to mad. I was sleeping and she yanked me off the couch and dragged me to the club. I hope I see you again soon.

Love, Lynn XOXOX


She headed up to her room, Cathy was going through her clothes.

"No," she threw a dress out. 

"No," she yelled again.

Cathy threw out about six outfits. Then she finally found an outfit, placed everything together and handed all of it to Lynn. Finally, Cathy put together a perfect outfit for Lynn.


Lynn's Club Outfit

Cathy's Club Outfit


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