Cathy and Lynn (best friends) go on vacation in San Diego, California. After enjoying themselves, they decide to move there. Cathy begins to party, and have one night stands. Lynn falls in love, and stays faithful.


9. Chapter Eight

She went to go talk to the head lifeguard, and they agreed to let her work. They gave her the two piece bikini that said "life guard" with a cross on chest. Once she got changed, she went on watch. The day went by slowly, she had nothing to do. Her phone went off, she looked down and it was Cathy 

were r u? she typed 

working. Lynn replied

wat! were?

beach as a life guard.

don't get too comfy we leave in few days.

to where? Lynn looked confused, she didn't want to leave Nate.

Idk. somewere new. 

I'm staying. Lynn responded, and Cathy never texted her back after that. 

Now what was she to do? Cathy wanted to leave in a few days, but she didn't want to leave. But, separating from Cathy would be bad too. Cathy needed Lynn, mainly to keep her from doing something stupid. On the other hand, she was really falling for Nate. Maybe she could keep in contact with him. Or maybe Cathy would find the love of her life and want to stay here. After work Nate gave Lynn a ride back to the condo. She showered, then went into the bedroom and they watched television. 

"Cathy wants to leave in a few days," she broke the silence. 

"What? You're not going with her are you?" He looked at her.

"I don't want to, but she does need me. Plus me and her have always been together. We've been best friends for life basically." 

"I understand, I'm sorry. I was going to give you this." He handed her a small box. 

She opened the box and saw a heart locket that had an engraving saying:

         To the one I love, Makayla

         From your love, Nate


The necklace was a gold locket, not fake gold, but it was 24 carrot gold. An expensive necklace. When she opened it there was a picture of her on one side, a picture of him on the other. Her heart broke at that moment. Now she had to decide: stay with her love? Or go with her best friend? 



Hey guys, what do you think Lynn will chose? Give me your opinions, I already know :) I know... Cliff hanger. 

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