30 Day Boyfriend

'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..'

'No way Bieber! No cha-'

'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave. Ill never bother with you ever again. Ill be out your life forever. However, if i win and you fall for me, we go public, tell the whole world that we're a couple.....what do you say?'

'Your on Bieber'


1. Not A Normal Day



woke to the sound of my phone vibrating on my night stand like I do every day. 


'hello?' I asked into the phone, anger present in my  voice.


'hey Kayden, I'm waiting out front, just come down when your ready'


fuck. its monday morning. 


'shit Ry!!! you've literally just woke me up!!! fuck, ill be down soon. ill just skip breakfast.'


'kay, how many times have i told you, your IPhone has an alarm, use the dam thing!'


I giggled, knowing that if i was with Ryan at this precise moment he would smiling at me. 


'sorry ry, ill be down soon'


'okkkk kay'


I quickly grabbed a cute pink tank top and my cut off denim shorts and ran into the bathroom. throwing my clothes on, I emptied my make up bag to apply a small amount of mascara and lip gloss. I really couldn't be arsed to get ready today, and it clearly showed in my appearance. brushing my teeth and hair, I ran out of the bathroom back into my room. I grabbed my phone and headphones off my night stand, picked my bag up off the floor and ran down the stairs. I put my white converse into my bag to put on once I got in Ryan's car. 


'hey your getting good, it only took you 20 minutes this time!'


I laughed at Ryan whilst tying the laces to my converse.


'well I do try... does that mean we have time to stop off at starb-'


'unfortunately no, we still have to pick Chaz up, but don't worry, I rang him and he's going to bring you an apple out'


'thank god. I'm starving' I threw my head back letting out a moan. 


'Kayden, when are you not hungry?'


that was a good point. well done Ry.


'well at least I'm not one of those girls who always act like they don't eat.. I mean common. everyone eats!'


Ryan laughed and shook his head. 

I turned the radio on and 'Come and Get It' by Selena Gomez blasted through the speaker. me and Ryan sang along all the way to Chaz's house. once we finally got there, Chaz was stood outside his door, backpack draped over one of his shoulders, holding an apple in his hand. 

Chaz slid into the back seat of the car and handed me the apple. with that, we all erupted into conversation on the journey to school.




It was now lunch and me, Chaz and Ryan were sitting at our usual table in the  middle of the cafeteria with other friends Caitlin and Christian. We were all talking about summer vacation which was at the end of this week. Caitlin and Christan always fly out to New York to visit family. I always just stay alone since my mom and dad died. Long story short, they died in a car accident a couple of years ago so i live with my older cousin Sophie. I've always loved summer vacation but this year, I don't want it to happen. Sophie's going to be away, flying all over America to apply for university. 


'Kayden, what you doing this summer?' I looked over to see every single one of my friends looking at me. 


'Oh...well....I guess I'll just be sat at home....with my perfect boyfriend....watching movies...'


everyone's jaws dropped.






'Guys...calm down....its only food! did you really think I would have a boyfriend and not tell you guys about it....jeez guys, that hurt' I placed the palm of my hand on my chest, indicating that my heart was aching. 

Everyone laughed and went back to talking. 



Its the first week into summer vacation and I'm so bored all ready. I haven't really spoke to anyone, Caitlin and Christan left last week and Sophie left at the beginning of the week. I was having peaceful nap when I was suddenly awoken by the sound of banging coming from my front door. I looked out of the window to see Chaz and Ryan standing outside the front of my house. 

I ran downstairs and opened the door, smiling at the sight of my two best friends.


'Hey Kayden' I giggled as both the boys spoke at the same time. 


'Hey guys, come in'


I moved out the way to let both the boys through.


'So, not like I don't enjoy your company but why are you guys here?'


'Basically... go pack your case, your coming on vacation with us! We've already spoke to Sophie and she says its totally fine!'


'What?! oh my god!! you guys!!! were are we going? how long are we staying? Who's going to be the-'


'KAYDEN! its a surprise, just pack for somewhere hot and pack as much as you want, we'll buy you clothes if you need some!!'


'Okay... when do we leave?'


'In about 3 hours, so hurry and pack!!'

I ran upstairs and opened my wardrobe to get my suitcase. I grabbed some bikinis, some shorts, some nice dresses and a whole lot of shoes! I finally finished packing my second suitcase and shouted for Chaz and Ryan to help me take them downstairs.


'Flight number 257 to the Dominican Republic to gate number 8, your flight will be leaving in 10 minutes, that's flight number 257 to the Dominican Republic to gate number 8, your flight will be leaving in 10 minutes, thank you. '


'okay Kay, that's us, come on'


I shut my book and linked arms with Chaz and Ryan as we walked down to gate number 8.


'Tickets and passports please'


I handed all 3 tickets and passports over to the woman and smiled as she handed them back, allowing us to board the plane. I scanned the rows for seat numbers 45,46 and 47 and laughed as Ryan pushed past to get the window seat. I sat in the middle of my two best friends as we started out journey to the Dominican Republic. 


I looked over to Ryan who was currently sleeping with his headphones in  and his head pressed up against the window. 

'Hey chaz? Why did you guys ask me to come along?'


'Actually Kayden, were going to visit an old friend, he asked how you were and we said fine and he said he wanted to see you'


I instantly shut my book and my heart stopped.


'Don't...don't tell me who I think is. Don't you dare tell me where going to visit you know who.'


'Kayd, he wants to say sorry-'




'Kayden, it hurt him too, he didn't want to be that way, he wants to say sorry, please just give him a chance.'


'NO CHAZ! you had no right in brining me here! he bullied me Chaz! he made me feel worthless! dont speak to me ok. im going back home'.



I put my headphones in and started reading my book.


That one person who I never wanted too see again bought me a ticket to go visit him.


That one person was Justin Drew Bieber. 




first ever story!!! hope you guys like it!!!

read, comment, vote!!


love you guys<3





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