30 Day Boyfriend

'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..'

'No way Bieber! No cha-'

'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave. Ill never bother with you ever again. Ill be out your life forever. However, if i win and you fall for me, we go public, tell the whole world that we're a couple.....what do you say?'

'Your on Bieber'


11. Day 8-The Ellen Show



I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating on my night stand. I turned over, trying not to wake Kayden up, reaching over to grab it. I had 10 new messages and 5 missed calls, all from Scooter. Ok, so I must be missing something. I was about to call him back when my phone vibrated once again, showing the image of Scooters face.

'yo Scooter, what's up?'

'Have you forgot? Like seriously? This has been planned for months JB! Get your ass out of bed, get showered and dressed at meet me at Ellen's studio in an hour'

'shitttt, I'm so sorry Scooter, I'll see you soon, my bad man'

'yeah well you better hurry! bring Kayden along if you want, I'm sure Alfredo can keep her company while your doing your interview'

'okay, bye man'

'see ya JB'.


I kissed Kaydens cheek slowly and she sturred. her eyes slowly opened and she smile.

'hey sleepy head, we gotta get up. I've got and interview with Ellen. I'm going to go make us some breakfast, go jump in the shower, we gotta be at the studio in an hour'

'ok'  she yawned and stood up out of the bed. she walked over to the bathroom rubbing her eyes. my sweatshirt only just covered her ass, so her long legs were on show. man, even when she's just woke up she still looks hot. I made my downstairs to be greeted by Ryan and Chaz. 

'hey man, do you mind if Sammi and Carly stay here? We're kind of dating'

'yeah man, that's fine! good for you guys! I'm going to do an interview with Ellen, but when we get back maybe we could all go out, get to know each other more since were going to be living together?'

'yeah man that would be good'   I smiled to Ryan before making breakfast for everyone. 




'Okay, so I need to ask you a question'   I looked over to Kayden who was sat on the chair in my dressing room

'Shoot'   I walked over to her and sat on the part of the chair she wasn't sitting on and turned and faced her.

'okay, so this is serious.... Ellen may ask about us. I need to know if you want to go public or not'    she was about to answer when I stopped her.  'before you answer, just listen.'    she  nodded and let me carry on.

'okay, so if you say you want to go public with our relationship, there are something's you'll have to know. that means you cant have a normal life, paparazzi will be everywhere you go...they'll ask you questions...shout mean things at you...make up rumours to get a reaction from you. you'll have to be careful about what you say and do, in-case the media find out and blow everything out of proportion. you'll have to be ready for the hate. many people will give you hate, but I wont let them get to you...I can promise you that. if we go public, it means no secrets..everything is out of the open. The good thing is i get to hold your hand and give you cuddles and kisses in public and we don't need to be secretive. I'm not trying to make you not go public, but I just want you to think okay?'

she waited about 3 minutes before answering. 

'I want to go public. I know that it comes with a lot, but...I have you. I know you'll do everything humanly possible to protect me. the hate? I can deal with that. the paparazzi? well I guess that means we have to be careful. but one thing I know is that I trust you. I trust that you will protect and that you will stand by me no matter what.'


that was possibly the best answer I could ask for. 



'So Justin..... I hear you've bought a lady friend with you...am I right?'  I laughed at Ellen nudging my arm.

'yeah, you are actually, her name is Kayden..Kayden Brooks.'

'so...how long have you guys known each other?'  I looked down at the ground and spoke..

'we've known each other since we were young...but I used to be really mean to her. I knew it time to say sorry, so I Ryan and Chaz to bring her with them the next time they came to visit. the first few days were quite awkward, but its been a week and everything.....good.' I smiled at the last part.

'so the big question is....are you guys dating?'   I could feel myself blush..



'yes...yes we are'




my twitter blew up....like my mentions were going crazy. who knew something like this would happen all because of a relationship. I  was ready to go public. I knew Justin would keep me safe, and you have to take chances for the person you love.


did I just say I loved Justin?




after the interview, Justin took me out for dinner. we went back to the house to get changed before going to one of the fancy restaurants out here. of course the paparazzi were going crazy, but Justin kept a hold of my hand the full time. we sat down at a table for two before ordering our food and drinks. after we ate, Justin took hold of my hand and looked into my eyes.

'Kayden...I know we've only been going out with each other for like 2 days, but you make me feel so special. I just wanna let you know something okay?'

'okay...' I was very confused.

the next thing I knew I was being dragged to the car and driven off to the beach near the house. 



Me and Kayden were currently on the boat I hired in the middle of the sea. we were sat on the deck looking at the stars.

'they're so pretty, aren't they Justin?'

'they sure are baby, but not as pretty as you'  Kayden blushed and kissed me cheek.

'thank you Justin...for everything...'

'anything for the one I Love'


Kayden sat up and looked at me.


'did you just say you loved me Justin?'

'yeah. I did. and do you wanna know why Kayden?...because I do. I love you Kayden. I love you so fucking much I cant even describe it. You make me feel so so special and I...I just...I love you okay?'


she leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.



'I love you too Justin'





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