30 Day Boyfriend

'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..'

'No way Bieber! No cha-'

'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave. Ill never bother with you ever again. Ill be out your life forever. However, if i win and you fall for me, we go public, tell the whole world that we're a couple.....what do you say?'

'Your on Bieber'


10. Day 7- Only Less Lonely Girl


It doesn't take a long time for your feeling to change. Take me and Justin for example. When I was on the flight over here, I would never have thought I would be comfortable living in the same house as him, never mind being boyfriend and girlfriend! Its strange, a few years ago, I hated him, I never wanted to see him again. Now? Now it feels like my life depends on him. Now, he's the one thing I go to sleep thinking about, and the one thing I'm dying to see when I wake up.



I actually cannot believe she said yes! It was such a surprise! Its weird thinking that 10 years ago, if someone had of told me I would be dating Kayden I would have laughed in there face. But I'm falling for her, really hard. Its like there's this thing inside me, and when Kayden isn't with me, I have to make sure she's okay. I have to protect her. I've decided that I'm going to introduce her to everyone tonight. Since where in the Dominican Republic, I'm doing a free concert for my fans. My mom and the crew are even flying out...even scooter! I've got the best idea ever, and I'm sure Kayden is going to love it!



Were all out for dinner with everyone before we go to the arena. Tonight, I'm meeting a few fans that have been camping outside the arena for days. Its not going to be a normal concert. This ones going to be me, Dan and our guitars. That's how I like it. Don't get me wrong, i love putting on a show, but there's times when i just want to sing with my guitar and have my fans sing along with me. its nice that way, because i get to interact with the fans.

'So Kayden, Its nice to finally meet you. Justins told me all about you.. good of course'    I blushed as my mom told Kayden how I've been ringing her every night asking her for advice on what to say to her.

'Oh has he? Well I'm glad he's been saying good things. Its nice to finally meet you too Pattie.'    I grabbed Kayden's hand from under the table and held it, stoking my thumb across the top of her hand. she blushed and let her hair fall into curtains around her face.


after everyone had eaten, we made our way over to arena. me and Kayden drove alone in my car. We played the radio and sang along to all the songs that came it, laughing at each other singing in the wrong key. It was nice. its times like that make great memories. we both went straight to my dressing room and Kayden say while I got ready. I decided not to do any costume changes tonight, so I opted for just a checked shirt and my skinny jeans.. the 'kidrauhl' look. I gave Kayden a kiss before I walked onto the stage with Dan.


'so, I have a question for all you girls. I bet a lot of you out there a single, am I right?'   the crowed screamed. 'okay, so scream if your in a relationship'   the crowed screamed again. 'oh, so your all single, but your all in a relationship..am I right?'     the screams were even louder this time. 'okay then... so who wants to be my one less lonely girl?'    they screamed so loud and for a long time. this is why I love my fans.

I had a plan. normally, Allison or Alfredo picks a girl from out of the audience, but tonight... I've chosen the one less lonely girl. Kayden. I stood up and made my way over to the curtain. Dan was playing the song so I just strummed my guitar a little bit. Kayden came through and I walked her over to my stool. she was blushing like crazy . I stopped playing my guitar and sat down on the stool and pulled kayden onto my lap. the crowd went crazy. i sang the song and once we were I done, I  pulled her into a hug and kissed her cheek before running off stage with her.

'thank you for that Justin.'

'anything for my princess. now, go wait in my dressing room until I'm finished. take my mom in there with you, she's showing the new guys my baby photos...'    Kayden laughed before kiss my cheek.

'your fans are waiting pop-star'

and with that, I went and finished the concert.



once Justin had finished on stage, we all went back to the house. Justin was pretty tired so we went straight up into his room. since were going out now, I moved all my things into Justin's room, so were basically sharing now. Justin jumped into the shower so I crept under under the blanket. I heard the water stop and a few seconds later, Justin walked out with only a pair of basketball shorts draped around his hips. he threw the towel he was using to dry off his hair into the hamper and crawled into the bed next to me, instantly wrapping his arms around my waist.

'you smell nice'    I smiled as I buried my face into the crook of his neck.

'yeah Kayds, that tends to happen when people have showers, didnt you know?'

'oh hush up mr, you knew what I meant'. he laughed as he pulled me on top of him so I was not straddling him.

'is that my sweatshirt?'

'yeah'   I said looking down at how big it was on me. 'its comfy so I'm wearing it for bed.'

'ohhh, it looks good on you babe' he winked at me before capturing my lips into a gentle kiss. I giggled, making him smile into the kiss. once i pulled away, he yawned.

'someone's sleepy eh?'

he nodded before rolling onto his side, turning my over to face him. he slowly shut his eyes and was out like a light. his breathing was slow and steady. he looked so peaceful.

I kissed his lips, making him smile.

'goodnight Justin. sleep well'

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.




sorry for the delay. im really busy with school :(


hope you enjoy it!


love yall!


keep smiling!<3

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