30 Day Boyfriend

'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..'

'No way Bieber! No cha-'

'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave. Ill never bother with you ever again. Ill be out your life forever. However, if i win and you fall for me, we go public, tell the whole world that we're a couple.....what do you say?'

'Your on Bieber'


4. Day 2- The Movies



The sun was slowly creeping in through a gap in the curtains of my room, the fresh smell of the ocean tickled my nose as I rolled over onto my back. Slowly opening my eyes I was blinded by the sunlight. I stood up out of my bed to shut the balcony doors and curtains but soon realised that I was still in the same clothes I wore to go to the carnival with Justin. How did I end up in bed? The last thing I remember was the car ride home. I made my way over to my bathroom and took a long relaxing shower, allowing the hot water to relax my muscles. Taking my shampoo in my hand and slowly massaging my head, I began to think about the events of last night, questions popping up in my mind. Should I let my guard down? Should I let Justin in? Should I let myself fall for the guy I used to hate? So many thoughts for such a small head.


'mmm something smells good guys, what are you making?' After I had been in the shower for 45 minutes, I dried myself off and put on some grey shorts with a tank top before making my way downstairs to get some food.

'pancakes and strawberries, want some? I made more?' I looked over to see Justin stood next to the cooker pouring more pancake mix into the pan.

'um, sure, why not!' I made my way over to the fridge and took out the carton of orange juice and grabbed 4 glasses from the cabinet  next to the fridge. I poured out 4 glasses of orange and placed them in front of all four of us. Justin came over with the stack of pancakes and 4 plates for us.

Of course, Chaz took about 10 while me, Justin and Ryan took 3. I took a bite of my pancake, and let me tell you, this boy can cook. It was like heaven on a plate!

'wow Bieber, you've impressed me. who knew you could cook?!'

'there's a Lot about me you don't know Kayden'

That made me blush. Is it bad that I actually really want to get to know Justin?

'anyways, todays plan is were going to the movies, so get dressed and come find me whenever your ready' I nodded and made my way upstairs to get dressed.

I dried my naturally curly hair and let it flow down my back, Making my way over to the walk in wardrobe in my room, I decided on some black skinny jeans with a white off the shoulder top. I walked back over to my bathroom and applied my eye-liner and mascara before walking back over to my clutch bag I had taken with me last night. I took out my lip-gloss, purse and put them in my brown shoulder bag and grabbed my phone off my night stand and put that in my bag. I made my way over to Justins room and knocked on his door;

'hey Justin? Im ready'

'just come in Kayds, I'm just putting my shoes on'

I opened his door and stood at the entrance; Justin was sat on his bed without his top on, putting on his red supras. He made his way over to his closet and took out a simple black t-shirt and grabbed his dog tags of his night stand. I never understood why he always wore those. He grabbed my hand and inter-winded our fingers. sparks. I know that's cheesy, but trust me, I felt them. I think he did too because we both stopped and held our breath, slowing turning our head to look at our hands

'um, its property just an electric shock, I-I get them all the time'

'yeah, properly'



good one Kayden





She felt it too? It wasnt just me? Oh booyyy. We walked down the stairs and I grabbed my car keys, sunglasses and jacket. We walked over to the car and I opened her car door for her, earning a smile in return. I walked over to my side and started the car, turning the radio on. For the rest of the car ride, we sang along the the radio and laughed at each other singing solo parts to the songs.

When we arrived, the car park was empty. Kayden looked at me like she was going to kill me. You see, Ryan told me she always wanted to go the movies when no-one was there, to have the full cinema to herself. I booked the cinema for us. I got out of my car and walked over to Kaydens door and opened it for her, taking her hand to help her out. We walked, hand in hand, to the front door.

'hey guys, Im Cassidy, and I obviously know who you are. Can I get you any refreshments?' I looked over at Kayden who just stood there, looking in her bag for something.

'Um... a large popcorn, sour patch kids a large Pepsi and Kayden, what do you want to drink?'

'Um, ill just have a pepsi'

'Make that 2'

I handed Cassidy a 30 dollar note and told her to keep the change. Kayden handed me 15 dollars and I just laughed at her. Did she really think I was going to let her pay?

'Whats that for?' I asked her as she shoved the money in my face.

'Well I'm paying for my half you idiot' she started laughing and waved the money in my face again.

'Kayden, did you really think I wasn't going to pay? This my friend, is a date, and I always pay on the dates' She threw her head back in annoyance and I just laughed, taking her hand once again and walking down to screen number 7. I decided to have the new 'Paranormal Activity' to play and we got seats right in the middle of the cinema.





I was starting to get really cold, why did I not bring a jacket? I should know by now that cinemas are always cold... always.

'You cold?'  I looked up at Justin who was looking down at me. I nodded and he stood up, taking his jacket off and placing it around my shoulders.

'thanks' I smiled at him. He chuckled and I yawned. I was freaking out. This movie is literally scaring the shit out of me.

I burried my face in Justins face, without even realising what I was doing. He pulled me on to his lap and snaked his arms around my waist. I never thought in a thousand years I would be watching a movie, on a date, with Justin Bieber, never mind me sitting on his lap!


After watching about 3 more movies, we decided it was time to get back, considering it was like 11pm now. We made our way to the car, when suddenly Justins belly started to rumble.

'Looks like I'm hungry, fancy a mcdonalds Kayds?' I nodded and we made our way to mcdonalds.


We arrived home at around 12, after stopping at mcdonalds and eating inside. I flopped down on the couch and Justin did the same

 'Well, I am stuffed!'

'Im not surprsied, Kay we ate sooooo much food' I turned over and laughed at Justin before a loud yawn left my mouth.

'you tired?' I nooded at Justin and stood up.

'I think im going to go to bed now. Thank you for another amazing day Justin' I bent down and kissed his check before making my way upstairs.

I changed into my PJ's and walked over to my bed, plugging my phone into my night stand and going under the covers. I slowly shut my eyes before hearing the door to my bedroom creak open.

'GoodNight Kayden, sweet dreams' Justins lips slowly kissed my forehead before he made his way out of my room.


that's when it hit me.



I was falling for Justin.








remember to keep smiling<3


love you guys!


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