30 Day Boyfriend

'I dare you to be my girlfriend for 30 days..'

'No way Bieber! No cha-'

'I dare you Kayden, if I dont treat you the way every girl should be treated or if i do something wrong like cheat, I leave. Ill never bother with you ever again. Ill be out your life forever. However, if i win and you fall for me, we go public, tell the whole world that we're a couple.....what do you say?'

'Your on Bieber'


3. Day 1- The Carnival



this dare was going to be great. I'm seriously so excited for the next 30 days. I'm going to prove to Kayden I'm not the stuck up, snoppy, player of a pop star that she thinks I am. don't get me wrong, Kayden is hot, and I mean like reallllllly hot. but for some reason, I don't her to just have sex with me. I want to get to know her, I want her to let me in so I can let her in. 

I have perfect idea to make her mine. I've got everything set out already. I'm going to do everything I can to make her mine. I've already got a few ideas on where to take her and what sort of things she likes and she doesn't like thanks to Ryan and Chaz. today, I'm taking her for a walk along the beach to get to know her better, then tonight, I'm taking her to a carnival. 

I sat up out my bed and reached for my phone that was on my night stand. 9:34am. glad I haven't slept in! I decided to check twitter before going to knock on Kaydens room. I followed a few beliebers, retweeed some funny pictures and tweets. I decided to throw out a tweet about today:



@justinbieber: having a good vacay. glad to have some alone time with some good friends. luv u guys. 





I woke up to knocking on my bedroom door and slowly stood up out of the bed to find out who would be waking me up when I was on vacation. 

'hey Kayden, um get dressed and meet me downstairs at 11. were going on first day outing'


'what are you talki- oh wait, the dare... um.. okay I guess. anything in particular i need to wear?'


'um nope, just something for the beach'


'Ok, well ill see you downstairs at around 11?'


'yeah, see ya'



well that was awkward....



after taking a nice long shower, I dried my naturally curly hair, and applied some eye liner and lip gloss. I don't really look that much different with make up on, so I only really wear it when I'm going out on a date or something special. I put on my favourite purple and white spotty bikini and put my short jean shorts and a baggy american flag top. I grabbed  my town and phone and put them in my beach bag and headed downstairs. Justin was sat on the couch with his shorts on with his towel next to him.

he didn't have a top on...

oh my god...


'so Kayden, when your done checking me out we should go'


shit. he caught me. act cool Kayden.


'I wasn't checking you out.. common, I don't want to miss any sun'


'okay, common' 


he stood up and made his way over to me. we walked out the back of the Vila and back onto the beach. we walked for quite a while in silence until Justin stopped and asked me if it was a good spot to sit. we were right in the middle of the beach.




'so Kayden, what do you like to do in your spare time?'


'nothing really, I like to read, write and sing'


'you sing?' wow, I never thought she would be the type to sing.


'I'm not good at it, I do it for fun'


'I would love to hear you...sing for me?'


'um, not right now, maybe some other time'


I nodded at her and lay down on my towel. for some reason, I'm so nervous, I just want to talk to her but I don't have a clue what to talk about.


'hey Justin, I'm going for a swim'


'mind if I join you?'


'um, nope, I don't mind'


'race you to the water?'


'your on bieber'


we both sprinted to water, determined not to let the other person win. man Kayden was fast. I ran past her and looked back. suddenly, I was on the floor with the water going over me. 




great. I must have fell.


'yeah....I was meant to do that......'


'sure biebs, whatever you say'





its been 3 hours since me and Justin arrived back at the villa from our little outing at the beach. I had a lot of fun, it was nice just getting to know him a bit. we went in the ocean for a bit, we sat and talked on the sand for a while and then we walked back we talked even more! turns out, we actually have a lot in common. 

'hey Kayds, I'm taking you out tonight so be ready for 7pm'

'where we going?'


'its a surprise!'


I. hate. surprises. 


'I hate surprises Justin, can you not just tell me?'


'nope, get ready!'


I walked up to my room and showered for the second time today. I dried my hair and straightened it this time. I reapplied my eye liner and mascara and lip gloss and picked out my outfit. I decried on a yellow short, thin strapped sun dress with my white converse. I checked my phone, 6:30pm and decided to make my way downstairs to get some food. 

I  made my way into the kitchen, and surprise surprise, Chaz was sat on one of the stools around the island with a sandwich.


'oooo, someone looks pretty, trying to impress the biebs?'


'ew, no. he's taking me out, but I'm certainly not trying to impress him'


'okay sweetie, whatever helps you sleep at night'


I hung my head. was it really that obvious that  I was trying to impress him?


'make me a sandwich chaz and ill pay for you to get a pizza later?'




I took a seat on one of the stools and checked my twitter. nothing new. I decided to make a new tweet.


"@kaydenlittlexo: what is this feeling that im feeling when im with you?"





'yoo Kayden you ready?'


'yeah, ill just be 2 seconds'


I made my way through the kitchen to see Kayden standing there re-applying her lip gloss and fluffing up her perfectly straight hair. 




she looked.....amazing. 


she followed me out to my car and I started driving down to carnival. it was around half an hour later when we finally made it. I got out the car first and made my way around to her side to open the door for her. she blushed and let her hair fall around her face. 


'common, lets go on the ferris wheel'


we made our way over to the giant ferris wheel and I payed for us to go on. since I am Justin Bieber, I had to wear a disguise (this consisted of me wearing sunglasses). we got to the top and we stopped.


'wow...the view up here is beautiful' 


'yeah I know what you mean. I love to ride the ferris wheel where ever I am in the world. its good for writing songs and just taking your mind off thing'. I've never actually told anyone about that.


we talked the full way down. we played on various little stalls and I won Kayden a huge teddy bear. 


'want some cotton candy Kayds?'


'um yes please'


'no problem shawty' 


I heard Kayden giggle as I handed her the pink cotton candy. we were currently making our way back to the car to begin our journey home. 


as soon as we arrived back to the villa, Kayden was practically asleep in the car. I undid her seatbelt, and scooped her up into my arms, kicking the door shut with my foot. I kicked the door open to the villa and kicked it shut just like I had done with the car. trying not to wake up Kayden, I  slowly made my way to her room and placed her on her bed, pulling the covers up over her.


only now did I realise the true beauty that Kayden has. 


I slowly made my way over to her and placed a small, gentle kiss on her forehead. 


'goodnight Kayden, sweet dreams'


and I quietly made my way out her room and across the hall to my own.





please keep reading and let me know what you guys think!


love you guys<3





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