The Haunted howls of Desperation


5. Dreary nightmares

As soon as Steven woke again he found himself lying in a puddle of his own blood to weak to move he crawled to a true and hosted himself up off the ground. He soon found the strength to try and walk but he couldn't after ten try's he gave up and decided to just lay on the ground and give up, after this terrible decision he just laid there thing what he could do to stop the pain. it was close to morning when he saw the creature that had been chasing him for so long. The monster walk to him lying on the ground and a light appeared, suddenly he had flashback memories about his past it went from his wife dying in the hospital due to a car accident, then to him starting drinking and robbing that store causing him to go into a great depression, finally to him getting the money from the hustlers and card sharks. When it was over he looked at the monster. The light faded away and the background turned to red and the monster beat Steven to death, then ate his remains as he did with the rest. All that remained of Steven was a puddle of blood where he was slayed. As the tale goes the creature prays on any and all weakness in the forest, because weakness is were we put our sorrow.  

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