Blood Night

My entry for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition made up of 3,000 words exactly. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it! -Rachel :)


1. Night Blood

 Night Blood - RachThe Writer 2013

 Hi there! This is my entry for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition. It is made up of 3,000 words exactly (after lots of cutting lol!) and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading! -Rachel :)



 I didn't have a choice. My mother and father were at a Halloween party themselves, and the idea of walking for miles, alone in the dark, was a bad idea. Vampires were always a possibility, but anything could be out there after dark.

 Juro led the way; she knew the hotspots that the vampires would be seen at, naturally. She swore it was only a few streets away, but under the twinkling sky, walking along the brick buildings that lined the streets at either side of us like towering walls, our feet stepping along the eroded pebbled path beneath us, the roll of land felt like it stretched on forever. Further and further away from Juro's house and safety, closer to the danger of being a vampire's feast. How could my two friends be so blind?

 It must have been her plan all along to go see one in the flesh. She knew the places in advance. She’d always had this obsession with them, and to go there to possibly get bitten, on Halloween? Who would pass on that opportunity? Me. Me, and every other sane person who knew what vampires could do to humans.

 Groups of little children ran past us occasionally, plastic bags full to the brim of chocolate and sugary sweets to munch on later, but the further away we went from the village and into the city of Scarborough, the more they started to disappear. There was an icy coldness in the air and I could see the puffs of my own breaths when I exhaled. I pulled my jacket around me tighter, feeling exposed to the gentle wind of the autumn season, and began to wonder if it was really as cold as I was feeling or if my growing fear of attending a vampire infested club was the reality.

 "How much further?" Maxon asked, who ironically, was dressed as Van Helsing. He also shivered, but not through fear.

 "Right there," Juro sang musically as she skipped around as Tinkerbell, her shiny blonde hair tied back in a bun and clothed in an emerald green pixie dress. The little bells on her elfish shoes jiggled as she went. I looked and she was correct. Up ahead in the centre of town was a building that stood out from the others in the square. A bright neon sign hung above its entrance, declaring itself as Nightly Bites.

 "They really enjoy their clichés, don't they?" Maxon smirked.

 We walked towards the club (well, Juro led the way and Maxon dragged me by the arm) where we were greeted by a large, bald headed bouncer, whose covered eyes seemed to seep into me.

 I forced myself out of Maxon's grip. "No, I'm not going in there," I protested, slowly backing away from the entrance. "I'm not going into a place where humans are deliberately restricted from."

 "Ugh, live a little, Terry!" Juro moaned. She nudged Maxon. "What type of vampire would you want to meet? Like, the blue eyed ones, or the red eyes ones, or..."

 "Juro!" I smacked her arm in distress. The two of them knew better than to talk about that topic in front of me.

 "Oh, purple eyes for sure," Maxon nodded, his brown eyes lighting up, "I've heard they can heal just about anything. They can cover up their bites more effectively than the others because of it."

 "A green eyed one would be cute," pondered Juro, "then we'd match," she fluttered her eyelids flirtatiously.

 "How could you even-" I shook my head in disgust.

 "What?" She shrugged innocently, "they're supposed to be gorgeous; that's how they capture their victims. Vampirism 101." She walked up to the bouncer and flashed him a smile. He opened the door for her. "Come on!"

 Maxon went in, disappearing into the shadows of the club and leaving me by myself. I looked around. Some stragglers wandered the square, and they didn't look trustworthy. The night was young, but the sky had turned a dark navy blue with little crystals of stars sprinkled across the welkin. I couldn't believe the two of them had taken me here when they knew that I had a physiological fear of vampires. There was a reason why we're blocked off from them, with their red, blue, green and purple eyes...

 Bracing myself, I jogged inside the vampires' den.

 You wouldn't have noticed the difference from a human club. A light sprouting of mist covered the dance floor, masking the faces of the party goers and leaving the pulsating lights to flash against the outlines of silhouettes. Their bodies twisted and turned in time with the music, girls and guys swinging their hips in time to the heart pounding music and threading their fingers in each others’ hair sensuously. It was when I travelled further into the club in search of Juro and Maxon that I noticed the difference. I had to squeeze through narrow, tight corridors that lead off into the bathrooms and what I assumed to be private rooms. The walls were littered with people, but when I say people, there were humans there.

 And the sharp canines of their vampire kidnappers were embedded into their fleshy necks.

 I pressed a hand against my open mouth and silenced a scream of revolution at what I witnessed. Limp, lifeless people were at the control of monsters. They forced their backs against the purple coloured walls and sucked the blood from the thick jugulars beneath their chins; pulling away every so often to take a breath. Red, metallic blood trickled down their jaws and soft moans of satisfaction released passionately from their lips.

 I was going to be sick. Quickly, I backtracked my steps to the dance floor but slowly began to see more and more victims along the way; people that I hadn't even noticed before. I wasn't safe. Only an idiot would go to somewhere like this! I had to find Juro and Maxon and then we would be gone as soon as possible.

 My body whipped around and I looked desperately for my friends, but the strobe lighting made it difficult for me to see anything straight. The music was so loud that it rattled my bones and churned the blood in my veins. Could vampires sense fear? Was I making myself more of a target by getting so worked up? My breaths became haggard and I knew I needed to leave immediately for my own sake, but I couldn't leave my friends behind in a place like this.

 "Whoa, steady there," a voice said to me, putting a hand on my back. I turned, taught as a wire, to see a man with a pair of red eyes. I felt the tears of fear begin.

 Purple eyes.

 "Don't touch me," I pushed him away, but I was unsteady on my feet, drunk off the anxiety and feeling the room spin. He continued towards me. A man with a dark leather coat and a curtain of sleek, ebony hair.

 "Hey, it's alright," he grinned, and even in the dimness I saw the flash of sharp teeth. "I can help you out."

 He pulled me roughly by the wrist and was instantly by my neck with his hot breath tickling my skin. I thrashed against him as pictures of the other humans appeared in my head, the flow of blood and their sunken, delirious eyes. "Let go of me!" I screamed, trying to somehow cover my neck. He held me in a tight lock and slowly licked the base of my neck up to the top of my jawline, as if tasting me. I screamed again. The music was too loud for me to be heard.

 There was a boom across the dance floor, and the lights steadied from their frantic spasms to a single beam.

 "Hey! Get to, you old git," another voice emerged, and suddenly I felt the vampire about to bite me being dragged away, freeing me of my hold. There was another bloodsucker, I was sure of it, and I wondered if they were about to fight over who got me as their meal. But instead, my saviour was wearing a bartender's apron around his waist, and he rolled his eyes at the man he held by the neck of his coat. "Jesus, haven't you drunk enough tonight? Beat it."

 He shoved him down the corridor, sending a muttering and unsatisfied customer to the shadows. I clamped a palm against my bare neck, not wanting to keep it out in the open, shaking violently from freight. The bartender looked around to face me, scanned me up and down, and smirked.

 "A little lost in Wonderland there, Alice?"

 A whimper escaped my mouth at the comment. He was referring to my costume; my strawy blonde wig and my blue silk dress. I walked back until I hit a wall, and let my legs give out to drag myself to the floor. I curled up into a crumpled ball and wept, hiding from the stranger.

 I wanted to leave. I had no idea where my friends were in the short space of time I'd lost them, and had nearly been attacked by my worst nightmare. I was petrified.

 "Hey, you alright there, luv?" It was still the bartender, who bent down to my level. I looked at him through the gaps in my fingers covering my face, and immediately spotted his blue, neon eyes. I recoiled and tried to disappear into emptiness.

 "Don't touch me!" I sobbed, cowering like a child, "please, just leave me alone!"

 "Easy," he replied smoothly, and I felt two hands pry my fingers away. "I'm not gonna do anything, alright?"

 I retrieved my hands out of the strangers' and peeled open my eyes to shakily scan him. He was only a few feet away, and the beauty Juro had always gushed about was actually true. The vampires were handsome, and instead of thinking that his terrifying eyes were threatening, they only complimented his features. Thick, long eyelashes and a swish of perfectly tousled dark hair. A gentle face instead of a cunning one.

 "I would apologise for what just happened," he shrugged, "but that would be like a squirrel apologising for collecting his nuts, so, you know."

 "Please, just step away from me," I breathed, my hands trembling as I pled. He tilted his head to one side quizzically, and a sympathetic expression washed over his face.

 "You're a little far from home, aren't you?" He murmured. He must have done some kind of vampy magic thing, because despite the music blaring in the background, I heard every word he said clearly, even every breath. He blinked and shook his head a little, the softness in his eyes replaced by a nonchalant masquerade. "I mean, you should've known this was a vampire club though; did you not see the name of the place? Nightly Bites? That didn't give anything away?"

 I didn't say anything - too scared to speak. He edged a little closer, and put a palm on my heart, widening my eyes and making me put a hand around his wrist to stop him.
"You need to calm down," he instructed. "The other vamps will sense your anxiety and they'll be on you faster than you can say bloodbath. Come on," he held my hands and carefully pulled me to my feet, sensitively aware of my distress. As soon as I was off the ground I snatched them away, feeling safer without any contact.

 "What are you planning on doing with me?" I asked, my eyes bleary with tears, "I just need to find my friends and we'll be out of here, I swear."

 "Friends?" He quirked an eyebrow. "Was it their fine idea to come to a vampire bar?"

 I nodded weakly.

 "Jesus. If I had a penny for every time a human thought it was cool to sneak in here," he shook his head. "Look, the chances of finding your friends are slim, OK? I'd maybe invest in some new pals if they brought you here, anyway."

 "I can't just go without them!" I panicked.

 "Come on, Alice. I think it's better if you got back to your rabbit hole. You can call your friends and meet them when you're outside."

 I wiped my eyes and gazed at the bartender, surprised by his kindness and lack of well, sticking his teeth in my neck. He had a slender frame that stood a few inches taller than me, and a black t-shirt that revealed the strength in his arms when he removed the attacker. He had a soft smile on his lips and an amusement to his eyes.

 I swallowed and held out a hand. "My name is Terry. Not Alice," I said quietly. He chuckled before slipping his cold hand into mine.

 "Fine, Terry. I'm Drake. Now let's get you out of here, shall we? I think it'll be better for both of us."

 We wandered for at least thirty minutes. Drake led, collecting various empty glasses as he did, indulging me by letting my search for my friends continue before I left. I panicked a couple of times after I saw more human blood bags around the club, but Drake warned that he wouldn't be able to do anything if twenty vampires jumped on me. He said he would keep me covered in the meantime, though. I didn't know why he was helping; I was just the same as every other human in their eyes, but I was thankful for whatever protection in the unknown place.

 It was hard to believe Drake was a vampire. He had so many human mannerisms. Even when some were clearly em, drinking, he would chatter away regardless. Maybe he wanted them to feel uncomfortable, or was just being humorous, but it was strange. He wasn't like I imagined the bloodsuckers to be; the guy that nearly attacked me was a better representation in my mind. But it didn't mean I trusted him. It could all be an act to trick me for once he got thirsty.

 It was only after he saw something did he suddenly turn quiet.

 "Uh, Terry? What do your friends look like?"

 "Juro is dressed as Tinkerbell, and Maxon is Van Helsing." He crouched down to the floor, inspecting something.



 He looked up at me and then moved away from two lumps on the floor. I squinted and bent down to the black shapes in confusion, realising with horror what my eyes were staring at. I started to scream.

 It was Juro and Maxon.

 "Don't!" Drake clasped a hand over my mouth, holding onto me. I jumped out of his arms and forced myself to be quiet - I shouldn't draw attention. My stomach churned at the two lifeless bodies of my friends and I turned to the side to be sick, feeling the bile burn my throat.

 "They're...they're dead, aren't they?" I spluttered. Drake frowned.

 "Let's not jump to things-"

 "Don't lie. Check them," I pointed. "Do they have bite marks and a pulse?"

 Empathy washed over blue his eyes. I didn't want pity, so I continued to make him check for their lives. To see if I had really lost them in the obscene place I had been dragged to.

 He placed two pale fingers to each neck -I saw the puncture holes- before nodding gravely. "They're gone, luv. I'm sorry."

 Grief and sadness poured over me. I fought to believe that he was correct, but the truth was staring at me in the face. It was too painful to look. Tears began to pour down my cheeks. "You're all monsters, aren't you?" I spat. "You suck the life out of innocent people and don't give a crap what happens. I should never have trusted you."

 "You trust me?" He raised an eyebrow.

 "I did."

 "Forgive me if that I didn’t manage to catch that."

 "You're a pig!" I yelled, sobbing. The pain engulfed my throat and made it hard to speak. My back turned on him and I ran to find a way out of the club; forcing myself to remember the route I came in. I burst through the entrance and out into the brisk coldness of night.

 "Stop!" It was Drake. He appeared in front of me in a blink. I shoved at his chest and felt the anger boil in my veins.

 "Get away!"

 "Look, I'm sorry. I get that what's happened is terrible. They're your friends."

 "They were thanks to you!" I knotted my hands through my wig before ripping it off in frustration.

 "I couldn't do anything. It's their own fault for walking in there like they did - you know what we're capable of. They just ignored it. And it wasn't me that murdered them."

 I understood that, but I was so caught up in misery that I didn't care. All that mattered was that it was someone like him: a vampire. And they were all the same to me at that moment.

 I walked away from Nightly Bites alone, preparing myself to call the police to notify them of the murder of my two friends. There was a smell of blood in the air and I wanted to be as far away from the metallic fragrance.

 "You know what? Fine. Walk out into the unknown and get yourself killed. I'm just a vampire, right? I should treat you like a vampire should treat a human!" Drake shouted from a distance.

 A part of me knew that I had trusted him, and it hurt not only to realise it, but to know that the little ounce of it had vanished and he was what I always thought he was. I didn’t turn around; just kept walking.  "You do that! And why don’t you go and take a bite out of someone and destroy their lives like Juro and Maxon’s!"

  The vampire hunters collected their bodies the next day.

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