Shadow Keeper

this is just a sample of my story comment if i should create a full version. :)


1. Sophie

"Emily.....Run" someone screamed.

Then everything went dark.......


Two weeks before.....


'Dear diary,

Today is the last day of the Summer then were back to Crappy school where the smartest only get appreciated. Ugh I mean if the teachers don't even care about the other less smart students what's the point.'


Emily lifted the pen for a moment only to hear the doorbell ringing multiple times  'oops'. As she threw on a jacket she ran downstairs only to open the door to her know-it-all cousin Sophie. Sophie had long brown hair that framed her beautiful structured face that held the most amazing eyes anyone could see; they were a blue with purple flex in them.


"Hey are you ready to go?" Sophia said

"go where??" answered Emily confused

rolls her eyes "ugh you seriously forgot... remember were going to the mall"

"oh yeah"

As Emily went to grab her keys she heard a faint scream coming from the door and thought 'What now? probably a broken nail or something' but then it went silent..... Emily quickly rushed to the door Sophia was gone and all that was left was her blood...........

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