“I’m sorry, but I never actually believed in love”

Our Insecurities get the best of us.
Our fears limit us.
Our obsessions Outcast us.


4. Three



“uhh, um no I was just- it was just the sun was in my eyes,” I lied, I didn’t even notice how my face was burning up. Pathetic! Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me?! The sun was in your eyes? You are so stupid.

“uh huh, sure it was,” she giggled and stood up straight, “I’m Roxy, the new kid if you’d like to label me.” I wasn’t sure why but I felt like I had no voice, because I probably sat there looking up like a slave would look up to his master. You’re drooling idiot.

“Ummm, I’m Iris,” That wasn’t so hard was it?  I looked up her and she lit into a smile and let out a single laugh. Is my name that funny? I know my parents were being creative but I didn’t know my name was that ridiculous, so I just looked back at my monitor. Great even your name is silly.

“I’m sorry I’m laughing, It’s just I got a tattoo yesterday of an iris, they’re my favorite flowers,” she says smiling at me and I found myself smiling as well, for real.

“Roxanne, come on I have so much to do so let’s just get this school stuff over with,” her dad says walking towards us.

“Dad, I’m not a baby, I could seriously handle a first day of school, and I’m used to them. Plus, Iris can show me around.” Uh oh. They both look at me and my palms start sweating, my heartbeats fasten, my eyes might pop out of their sockets and I can’t breathe. You look like a freaking idiot, says something! Do something! I look up at them and nod. Roxy just looks at her father with a winning smile, he looks at me then back at her and sighs.“Fine.”

About now I noticed that I should probably turn my laptop off. So I just push the monitor down and pushed the laptop into my bag, I stood up and dusted my shorts off. This is awkward, you’re so awkward, she could do so much better. I shake my head and smile, I lifted my head up and we started walking.

“So you’re into guns’ n roses?” I asked with a shaky voice, God, would it kill you to at least show a bit of confidence?


“Oh umm, your shirt,” I says and tug my ear awkwardly.

“Oh yeah, I love them, are you into my chemical romance?” she asks, sounding impressed.

“Yeah, well they’re not my favorite band, but they are in my top five,” I smile as we make our way to the reception.

“cool,” was all she said until we made it to the reception and she got her schedule and other important papers.  I decided to wait outside while she talked to the principal and deal with all the other paper work.

 After about ten minutes she walked out holding a stack of books and papers, I ran by her side and held half of the books, she might have mumbled a thank you but I didn’t hear it because I was too busy trying not to fall. I looked at her schedule and we seemed to have the same one. That got me a little excited, creep.

We walked to class, Roxy walked close to me and I could smell her perfume. Gay! I was shocked when we made it to class. Usually I would pass through the hallway of school, well more like the hallway of hell, with my eyes glued to the ground and trying to avoid people as much as possible, especially when they’re pointing and laughing. Everybody points at animals in the zoo. This time though I was so focused on her smell that I probably forgot to exhale.





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