“I’m sorry, but I never actually believed in love”

Our Insecurities get the best of us.
Our fears limit us.
Our obsessions Outcast us.


16. Fifteen




We lie there on our towels both of us shirtless, we were lying with our chests pushed on the towel. I run my finger on her bare back and she cuddles close to me, our noses and foreheads touching. Our eyes closed and our lips smiling, well at least mine were.

“Roxy,” I whisper and open my eyes, hers were still closed.

“yeah?” she whispers back.

“I don’t think I can go on a day without you anymore,” I say and watch her smile.

“me too,” she says and pouts her lips and I kiss her.

“Roxy, I love you” I whisper and she opens her eyes, shocked. Uh oh. We stay silent for a while, my heart beats faster.

“I do too,” she says sitting up and I do, we hug. No, we hold each other.

It was such a weird feeling being like this, wanting a person as much as I want Roxy. It’s she’s the north to my south, were completely different, but we attract. Together we are one, together it’s just us, no one else. I would give her what she wants from kisses to diamond, she has my wrapped around her fingers. I am giving her the opportunity to break me, but I trust her.

“We should go,” she whispers and we stand up, she throws her sun dress on and I put on my clothes. It takes us half an hour to collect everything we packed and we leave.

We, of course, hold hands in the car, we enjoy the silence and the company of one another. When we got close to her house we let go of our hands. Just as she opens the door, she turns around and mouths “I love you.”

“me too, “ I say and she climbs out, it felt cold already, but nothing could ruin this day for me. I drive home strangely smiling, I walked in through the back door. Jared, was waiting for me.

“Hey bro,” I say smiling and throwing my bag.

“why’d you skip school?” he asks and I stop smiling, shit.

“how’d you know?” I ask sitting next to him.

“Mat came over and asked why you weren’t at school, I said you went but he said you didn’t,” he says looking at me with his tired brown eyes.

“Jared,” NO! DON’T! “ I was with my girlfriend.”

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