it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


16. you don't understand

I was lying on my bed, my hand on my teared face. It was a mom ent even music didn't help. My father was mad at me because I was keeping things behind and actually he I still didn't tell him everything, he doesn't have to know about hte bullying and for sure not about the beating, he would only worry too much. And if that's wasn't depressing enough, Alana's mom called to say they would start chemo therapy soon. I could already picture Alana going bald and getting weak. My feelings inside screamed and were barely standably. But there was nothing that I could do, nothing but calling Alana. She was so scared of losing her hair and we cried, we cried together on the phone. No matter where live takes me, she will always be my soulmate and no distance in the world is going to stop me from supporting her.


Days went so slow and I was actually happy I could go to school again. Sitting alone in my room drove me crazy. 'Anything planned?' Macy asked as we walked to biology class. I shook my had. 'We should go shopping then!' Macy cooed. 'I don't know I don't feel li-'  'ah c'mon, let's go christmasshopping together, you will love it, I promise!' I sighed silently. 'Alright...'  'Yeah!' Macy cooed. 


Class never went by so slow, in stead of listening to the teacher, telling us about the digestive system, I started doodeling on my notebook and think about a way to go back to Ireland. 'You look far away, something you want to share with the class?' Mister Riler asked, ofcourse he noticed I wasn't paying attention. 'No nothing sir....' even though I tried to say it as silent as possible, I still heard people imitate my accent in the back of the class. 'You better pay attention, you are going to need it.' Mister Rider said in a stern voice. I sighed without any noise. 'And I'm not the first teacher to complain, also other teachers said you're always off with you mind. You used tgo be such a good student, what happened?' Mister Rider kept going on. By now the whole class was staring at me and making fun of me. 'My friend.' I said barely hearable. 'Your friend?' I tried to filter away the rest of the class and focused on a quick way to say what was going on. 'My best friend is diagnosed with caner sir, she lives in Ireland and I can't go there....'  'Because you're poor.' Siënna said. 'Shut up!' Macy snapped, but it only got worse. 'You're just to poor to go back to your own shitty country, and because of you idiot daddy we're stuck here with you. And what about your mommy? Did she get tired of you and left?'  'ENOUGH!' I yelled and jumped up. 'Say about me what you want but I swear if you ever say something about my family ever again I-'  'Idiot mother, idiot daughter.' I wasn't myself anymore, I just walked over to her and before I knew it I slapped her face. She didn't saw that one coming. 'Ailene, prinicpal, now!' Rider yelled, and as soon as I could I left the classroom. 


With shaking hand I opened the doors of the principal, he looked suprised to see me. 'Ailana, what are you doing here?' He asked. 'I slapped Siënna...' I said, my voice shaking. 'Why?' 'She insulted my family, she called my mom and dad an idiot.' 'Why did she do that?' 'If I knew that...but she will never actually met my mother.' I said, my voice breaking with every word. 'How comes?' 'She died af cancer.' And that was it, the tears streamed down my face. 'I'm so sorry for you...Look Ailene, I'm not going to punish you, but you need to tell me and your father what's going on.' 'My father?' 'He called, he's very concerned about you, he feels something is wrong.' I slowly nodded my face. 'I'll call him.


Twenty minutes later I was called into the office again, I needed to sit next to my dad and tell him and the principal, everything that was going on.


'It began...Actually already on the first day...People noticed I dressed a bit different and I have a whole different accent. They laughed at me, they made fun of me, they pulled me down. I though it would go over, I thought, maybe they'll get tired of it some day. But they don't, they never get tired of putting me down. They always find new ways.' I waited for a moment because tears were now strealing down my cheeks, and there was no stopping them. 'The bullying started to get worse when Siënna found out me and Greg get along well, then the beatings started. My mom died of cancer, leaving me and my dad with not much money so we had to come here for his job, we had to. Now my best friend is diagnosed with cancer and I can't be there for her. I know she's getting worse everyday. I don't want to lose her like I lost my mom...' My voice was broken and it took all the effort I had to tell the complete story. My dad wrapped his amrs around me and pulled me close. 'I'm soryr sweetheart, I'm so sorry.' The principal was staring at me. 'Is there no way to visit your friend?' He eventually asked. 'I'll put some money aside, it won't be easy, but hey, life isn't made to be easy.' My father said. 'Thanks dad.' I said, and finally I could show them a real smile.

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