it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


6. why can't you accept me?

I was very tired so I left to school lately, and if it was meant to be, I got a flat tire. As fast as I could I jumped of my bike and ran to school. When I arrived and put back my bike most of the people already left to their class, and I didn't know where mine was. The only people in the hallway were Siënna and her friends, and Greg and his friends. I fidled with my fingers, thinking what to do. eventually I just decided to ask Greg where my class went, I rather askes him than Siënna. 


When I wanted towards them two guys already gave me an annoyed look. I just tried not to care and walked until I stood in front of Greg. 'He Greg...Euhm do you know where my class went?' He looked like I asked to build him a house. 'Why are you talking to me? Don't you need to find your pot of gold?' His friends laughed. This wasn't the Greg I knew, I was shocked and confused. 'Go away leperchaum.' Siënna added. I just turned around and walked in a random direction. Why? I shouldn have known better, a popular guy like him would never hang around with a person like me, why would he? I just decided to wait intill the first class was over. 


The signal sounded and the hallways started to fill with people walking to their next classroom. I let out a relieved sigh as I saw the people of my class. 'where were you?' Macy asked as I joined them. 'Flat tire.' I simeply said. 'Are you alright? You seem upset.' I just looked at the ground. 'I'm fine.'


School never went by this slow. I just wished I could go home, and not our house in England, but the house I could once call my home back in Ireland. I walked trough to hallways, trying not to care about he world around me but I felt eyes looking, fingers pointing and people laughing. 


I want to go home 


It was finally friday, the day I have music class, and the day I only have one period with Siënna. I decided to skip that class, instead I went to the auditory and sat down on the stage like I always did. I just stared and thought. I liked to be alone with no noise for a moment. Everyone here is so busy and noisy. I just thought about home, about my friends and family I left behind. But my father alread had a hard time tryin to find a job and keeps things going after mom died so I knew we had no choise. I looked up as I saw the doors open and someone walked in. Because most of the light were out I couldn't saw who it was until he was close enough. What was Greg doing here? I stared back at my feet. 'Hi.' Greg said as he sat down to. I didn't react and that suprised him. 'Aren't going to say hi back?' He answered. 'So you can insult me again?' I realised how broken that sounded and I totally regretted showing how fragile I actually am. 'Are you mad? Ailene I didn't meant to act like that but I was surrounded with my friends, Siënna and her friends, I just had to?' He explained. 'Why did you have to?' Because it would be wierd to act friendly to you when I'm around them.' I just couldn't explain how much that hurt me. I sighed. 'Please give me another chanche. I want to be nice to you but I just can't around them, you need to understand.' Maybe I should be happy he's friendly to me anyway. I just tried to forget it and just be happy again. 'So we are going to play guitar today, looking forward to it?' Greg asked, obviously trying to lighten up the mood. 'I play guitar myself, but since I'm in England It's actually just laying in a corner of my room.' 'Then get it and take it to school next time.' Greg said. I heard the signal and not much later people started to walk in. When Siënna walked in, Greg stood up and walked over to her. The rest of the lesson I had fun, I played the guitar, some Irish songs I my mother once taught me. 


when I came home I took my guitar out of the corner of my room and sat on my bed. And then, finally I enjoyed playing some songs. I startled as suddently my father stood at the door. 'Playing guitar again? I guess that's good.' I smiled. 'Yeah, I kinda missed it.'

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