it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


9. tired

I had never been so tired before. I had been crying all night, hoping that everything will turn around, that everything will alright. But it things seemed to get worse every day. When I changed clothes I felt a painful place on my stomach, and then I remembered what happened yesterday. Siënna kicked me in the stomach because she's afraid I'm going to steal Greg, like he wants me? 


when I walked passed my lockers I saw Siënna smirking at me. I ignored her, got my stuff and walked to the classroom. Macy turned around and patted the place next to her. 'Sweetheart you should take care of yourself, you look exhausted.' She said with a worried face. 'What if this weekend I take you into the city and explore things? I'm sure it will be fun?' 'Into the city?' 'Yeah, c'mon give it a chanche, I promise you'll have fun.' 'Alright.'


Finally it was saturday. Last week was horrible. Just when I was done eating the door ringed and my father called me name. 'Ailene, your friend is here!' I walked to the door to welcome Macy. 'We are going into the city.' I told my dad. 'That's great, have fun, but be careful please.' My father said as he gave me a hug. 'I will.'


'It's so busy here.' I said as Macy pulled me trough the hallways of the underground. It was so crowded you needed to stand on the right of the excalator. Actually it kind of scared me but I decided to to what Macy asked, give it a chanche. Eventually after a long ride on the underground Macu grabbed my wrist and pulled me up a stairs. 'Look!' She shouted. The first thing I saw was a big builduing with a clock. 'So that's the Big Ben?' Macy nodded. 'It's magnificent!' We let people take pictures of us with the building on the background and then she took me trough the rest of the city. We went in the London Eye. 'This vieuw is so cool!' 'You've not been everywhere yet, follow me!' Macy cooed as she grabbed my wrist and we ran all the way back to the underground. 'Where are we going?' 'Oxford street!' We took another tube and walked out in a massive shopping street. 'Awesome!' 'It's funny when you say that.' Macy chuckled. I chuckled and we walked into all the shops, tried clothes on, took a lot of pictures and ofcourse also bought some clothes. Although I didn't buy many because I didn't have that much money. 'After a lot of shopping I felt really tired. 'Can we take a rest please?' I asked. Macy smiled. 'It's obvious you're not used to this lifestyle, let's go to Nando's!' 'Arilght, I love Nando's!' 'So you know Nando's?' 'Ofcourse I do, we have one close to where I live. I don't live in a cave.' I chuckled. 


We had the best meal ever. 'This will always be the best food on the planet.' I chuckled. 'I could eat peri-peri chicken like everyday.' Macy said. We laughed and had so much fun. 'You were right.' I said. Macy gave me a cinfused face. 'You were right about this day, I had so much fun. Now I saw how fun England can be.' 'That was what I meant to do.' Macy said with a big smile. After we paid our food we left to take the underground home. It was the first day since I came here that I felt tired but happy. 

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