it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


2. school

Never was I so scared to go to school. I didn't know anyone. 'My father brought me, now I was on my own. Ofcourse people stared at me, the schoolyear already started and suddently there was someone new. Everything was so different. The accent, the clothes, the buildings. The girls here were wearing tight clothes and heels, completely different to my woolen sweather and sneakers. I feld my stomach turn as I opened the door of the office. 'Hello, come in please.' And older, bald man in a suit, said. I walked over the his desk and took place opposite of him. 'You must be Ailene MacAleese.' I nodded slowly. 'Welcomome Ailene.' 'Thank you.' 'I understand things are a bit different from you, I heard you aren't Brittish.' 'Yeah, I'm from Newbridge.' 'Alright, here is your timetable, you can choose between this classes as an extra.' I looked at my choises: art, drama, techniques and music. 'I'll go for music I think.' The director nodded. 'Okay, good luck. You can go.' 'Thank you.' I stood up and walked out. Classroom 45...The building was huge, how could I ever find my way here? At the lockeys there was a group of girls, chatting about whatever. Should I ask them? My hands started to sweet as I walked towards them. 'Excuse me?' A girl turned around and looked at me. 'What do you want?' 'I need to be in room 45, where can I find it?' The girl looked at me and raised one eyebrow. 'Wow she talks wierd.' She answered, the other girls laughed. when they were done lauging the girl looked back at me. 'Looks like you have to same class with me...Just follow that hallway and then turn right, it's on your right.' I nodded and started to walk in the direction she pointed at. When I looked back I saw them looking at me, whispering something, and laughing. The days just started, and I already felt a loner. The hallways were big, and I was relieved I found the room I was looking for. 'Hello, come in.' A young woman said as she saw me walking to the door. The people in the classroom turned around to look at me. Some of them started whispering at eachother and chuckled, others just stared. 'Don't keep standing there, you can pick a place.' The teacher said. I looked around the classroom and found an empty table. I placed my backpack next to my desk and sat down. It was peaceful for a moment and then the group of girls I saw at the lockers walked in. 'Hé you there, with the ugly sweather, move! That's my place.' I looked at her and stood up, picking a place next to a girl with long brown hair and glasses. 'That's not how you talk to new students Siënna.' The teacher said but she barely listened. 'She just a wierdo, c'mon look at her, and did you hear her talking?' The teacher ignored her and looked back at me. 'Do you want to introduce yourself?' Actually I didn't realt want to, but I knew I needed to, so I stood up and walked to the front of the class. Now everyone was staring at me. 'I'm Ailene.' I started. 'I'm seventeen years old and my hobby is guitar. Do I need to say something els?' 'Explain your wierd accent.' A girl that was propably Siënna's friend shouted. 'I'm from Ireland. I'm here because of mu father's job.' 'Okay thank you Ailene, you can go back to your seat.' I was could barely hold back a sigh of relief. The rest of the class I just kept quiet, scared that if I would say something, people would make fun of me. 


As I walked trough the hallway to find the next class I passed a group of people. They were talking but when they noticed me they turned to me. 'Becooose.' One of them said, obiously making fun of my accent. I tried to ignore them and walked away as fast as possible, but when I heard them laughing, it hurt me a lot. When I found my lockers, I saw a three boys and a girl staring at me. Just ignore them. I Thought as I put the books inside my locker. But ofcourse they wouldn't leave me alone, that would be to easy. 'Look, a leperchaum.' One of the boys shouted loud enough so I could hear him. They all laughed. 'Don't you need to look for your pot of gold?' The girl asked scornful.  It was only day one and already so much people hated me. I was hard not to start crying, but I needed to stay calm, I couldn't show them any weakness, that would only make it worse. 


I was Happy as finally the singal of the last class sounded. People arranged their stuff and left in a hurry. I threw my backpack in my back and left as everyone els was gone. I felt better when There was less people in the hallways, that meant less people that could stare and point at me. I searched for my fathers car and walked to it as fast as I could as I found it. 'How was your day sweety?' My dad asked as I fastened my seatbelt. 'Good.' I tried to make it sound like I meant it.' 'I told you it will be alright.' The rest of the carride was quiet. As we reached the house I inmidiatly ran upstairs to my room, 'I'm going to read.' I said and closed the door. When I fell on my bed, my face in my pillow, I let out my tears. No one could see me and no one could hear me. 


three years, I needed to stay here for three years

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