it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


11. new room

'You look tired.' My father said as I made myself some tea. 'Din't sleep very well.' I simply answered. 'Ailene, I know you're upset because we can't go to Ireland, but-' 'No, that's not it.' I let out a sigh. 'Then tell me what's wrong?' 'Everything, everything is wrong.' 'I sure it's not that bad.' 'I want to go home dad, I just want to go home.' My voice became quiet and broken. 'I know, do you think I like it to leave everything behind and start a new life?' I wiped away a tear and took my cup to the table. 'I don't know, but I can't do this anymore, I hate my life at the moment.' 'Why do you hate it so much?' It became quiet for a moment? Should I tell my dad? Should I tell him I'm bullied and beaten? that there are almost no people that like me? That I like a guy that would never like me back?' I looked down at my cup. 'Because people hate me dad...They hate me because I'm different. They don't accept me at all. At first I thought it would get better, but it only gets worse.' 'Ailene?' I looked up to meet my fathers eyes that were filled with sorrow. 'I didn't know...I could look for another school if-' 'No dad, that won't solve the problem, I just get used to it.' I said and I took a sip of my tea. 'But don't accept me to be all happy and cheerful about it.' 


This week would be so frustrating so I called Macy who almost inmidiatly suggested to come over. 'Can I see your room?' She . 'Ofcourse, but it isn't very cheerful, not at all actually. We walked into my room with walls that were still grey, a bed, a desk a chair and, a wardrobe and a window, that's it. The only thing I added to the room were my clothes and my guitar. 'You told me it isn't cheerful but this is just sad.' Macy said. 'I know.' I sighed. 'Why don't we go to the store and get you some stuff for you room?' 'I don't have any money.' 'I'll pay.' ''I can't let you do that, I have to find a job first.' Macy pulled my wrist, she always does that when she wants something. 'You can pay me back later, but now we are going to the mall.' 


As soon as we reached the mall I felt a little brighter. 'Wich shop first?' Macy asked. We walked into a store with a lot of decorations and other things. 'They had a lot of cute and pretty stuff. We should buy you a poster, who is your idol?' Macy asked. 'I like the group Celtic Thunder, but I don't think they have a poster of them.' I said as I was browsing trough the posters. 'Look at this cute poster.' Macy said, pointing at a poster of playing puppies. 'Aww, And this one?' I said, pointing at a poster of a horse. 'You like horses?' I smiled. 'My aunt has a horse, and ever since I was little I liked to tace care of him and sometimes ride him.' 'Let's take this poster.' We walked trough the rest of the small store, looking at all the knickknacks. We ended up buying a poster, a mirror, a small plastic dog, a little lamp for my desk, and a fluffy rug. 'Now let's go buy some paint for your boring grey walls.' Again Macy pulled my wrist to show me the right store. 'There were so many beautiful wallpapers and colors paint. 'I think I like this one the most.' I said as I looked at a color that was something between purple, red and pink. 'We could use wallpaper for one wall.' Macy suggested. It was hard to pick a wallpaper but eventually we made a choice.

'I think your room is going to be beautiful.' Macy said as she paid for the paint and the wallpaper. 'I nodded and smiled. 'Let's go eat a snack.' She suggested, I didn't say no to that. We went to a little snackbar for a coke and noodles. 'I want to say thank you so much Macy. I will pay back all of this as soon as I can.' Macy smiled and took a sip of her coke. 'It's no problem, I have a student job at a restaurant so it will be okay.' 'But I don't want to thank you for lending me the money only, I only want to thank you for bieng a friend.' Macy put down her coke and looked at me. 'Ofcourse I'm a friend, you don't need to thank me for that.' 'But I know it's not easy, I'm different and you are one of the only people that likes me.'  'Don't listen to them Ai, you're not different, you're special. You're worth a lot mlore than you and other people think.' I smiled. 'Now let's go buy some clothes, that makes every girl happy.' Macy cooed as ofcourse she pulled my wrist. She leaded me to a store with clothes that were different than the clothes I used to wear. My clothes were jeans and cozy sweathers. 'I think this will look lovely on you.' Macy said as she gave me a tight-looking red pants. 'It's a skinny.' Then she gave me black top and a grey sweather. As I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, I had to admit I liked this outfit. 'Look how beautiful.' Macy cooed. I also tried another skinny, a jeans this time, with a pink top and a white sweather. To make it complete Macy handed me some white sandals and pink shoes with a small heel. For herself she bought black heels, a white skinny jeans and a purple top. 'And now we need accessories.' Macy smiled. 'We walked into a small store. They had everything, from necklaces, to wristbands, to earrings. I looked at a cute charm bracelet.

'You can take the girl out of Ireland, but you can't take Ireland out of the girl.' Macy said as she saw me looking at the bracelet. 'Do you want it?' She asked. I nodded. She took it, together with two pairs of earrings. 'It's okay.' I said as Macy was looking around for a necklace. 'I don't need a necklace, I can't wear another one.' Macy noddded. 'I understand.' 


When we arrived home my father looked at us with big eyes. 'Did you buy the whole mall?' He joked. We chuckled. 'Womem need to job to make themself feel better.' Macy explained. 'I have another Idea.' She added. 'We should print some pictures to fill your wall, pictures with youur friends and family, to make it feel more like home.' I smiled and started up the computer. I chose some pictures with Alana, with my dad and my mum, a family picture with the three of us, a picture with Macy and some landscapes in Ireland. When we were ready we started printing them. 'Do we have stuff to paint the walls?' I asked my dad. 'He slowly nodded and stood up to go to the closet under the stairs. 'Let's go paint your room.' Macy cooed.


Not much later we started painting. When I was concentrating painting the second wall I didn't notice Macy had other plans. She poked me so I turned around and she went with the brush over my face. Ofcourse I took payback and splashed some paint in her hair. We ended up doing a paintfight. When we were all covered in paint we fisnished the walls and while my dad did the wallpaper I took a shower and Macy took a shower. 'This was an amazing day.' I said as I was washing the last bits of paint out of my hair. 'You bet it was.' Macy answered. After we were done cleaning ourself we went back to my bedroom. It looked much better now, actually it looked great. We put on the pictures on one wall and the poster on another wall. Then the little mirror. The rug got his place next to the bed. 'What do you think?' Macy asked as we were done decorating the room. 'It's perfect.' I said. That night Macy stayed over. And it was the first night in a while I didn't need music to fall asleep. 

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