it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


12. in love

I woke up by a pillow hitting me in the face. I groaned and turned around. 'Wake up green girl.' I guess Macy doesn't like sleeping in the vacations. 'I'll be up in a minute.' I heard Macy walking towards me and again I got a pillow on my head. 'You're such a sleepyhead, before you know it it's the end of the day.' I sat up and rubbed my eyes. 'Why so enthousiastic?' I asked as I left the room with Macy close behind me. 'Goodmorning sweeties? Like some breakfast?' My dad asked while he was baking some eggs. 'Great.' Macy cooed as she took a place at the table. 'Someone has a lot of energy, Ailene is like a zombie in the morning.' My dad chuckled. I rolled my eyes as took a place at the table also. 


Later that day we took the underground to chill at a parc nearby. I took my guitar with me. 'So this is what you like to do in your free time?' Macy asked as we sat in a meadow with long grass and no other people. I nodded. 'It's so relaxing, I should do this more often.' Macy said. 'Can you play a song?' I nodded and started to play the chores to the song I liked a lot, a song that makes my mood better: puppy love, by Damian Mcginty. When the song was over Macy looked at me with a smile and I knew she was about to ask me something. 'So, are you in love? You know, like, really in love?' I started playing with the gras. 'I gues...I think so...' 'Ailene, you're getting red in the face, who is it?' I shrugged. 'Doesn't matter.' 'Ofcourse it does, c'mon, tell me.' 'But he will never like me back, he's way to handsome and popular.' 'Ah c'mon, you make me curious.' 'Greg.' I muttered. 'Greg?!' He's a total asshole!' 'He's not!' I snapped. But I knew she had a point, I really liked him, but he used to ignore me and he let his friends beat me without doing anything. 'I guess it's just a stupid crush, it will be gone in a couple of weeks.' I said because I was sure I was giving Macy a heart attack. 'You're crazy girl.' She chuckled. 'So, do you know a One Direction song?' Macy asked. 'Ofcourse I do, one of them is Irish, we should be proud of him.' I answered. 'Believe me or not but Niall is my favorite.' Macy said. I smiled. 'You're awesome.' I chuckled and I started playing the chores of Live While We're Young.' I started singing the verses and as soon as I reached the chorus we both sang so loud. Macy sang the next  verse and she didn't sing it so bad actually. When the song was over we both laughed. 'I'm terrible but I like singing.' Macy said. 'You're not terrible.' I answered and I gave her a poke. 


We sang so many songs together, and laughed so much. We shared memories and secrets, and I knew I was getting attached to Macy. And then it got me, some day I had to say goodbye to her, but I tried not to think about it. We spend almost the whole vacation and sometimes Timothy went with us, a friend of Macy, a really nice guy. With the three of us we left London to visit Ashford, quite a distance from London but we found a fun place where we could go to the movies and eat at pizza hut. The only thing we had to discuss was wich movue we were going to pick. Eventually we chose a action/thriller. When the movie was over we left to go eat at the pizza hut. 'How old are you?' I asked Timothy. 'Eighteen, why?' 'Because I really like a glass Guinnes with my pizza.' I chuckled. 'Timothy chuckled and stood up. Not much later he came back with three glasses of Guinnes beer. 'You're awesome.' I cooed. 'Tim is a gentleman.' Macy chuckled. 'Pizza is here.' Timothy said as we saw the waiter coming towards us with a giant pizza. We ate until we were almost bursting and then it was time to go home again. 


When I was sitting on the couch, watching tv, I thought back at the conversation I had with Macy a couple of days ago, about Greg. Do I like him? Do i Hate him? I gaves me a feeling I can't describe. But he will never be mine and I need to accept that. When I'm back to Ireland I will never see him again and that will be it. 'How did you get that bruise?' My father asked as was putting on my sweather, but apperiantly too late to cover up the purple bruis on my arm. 'I...I fell?' But it came out more like a question. 'Fell? Are you sure?' 'I don't know dad, it got there someway, it will heal.' I guess my dad felt he I didn't want him to go further about it so he looked back at the tv. I could barely hold back a sigh of relief. 


Greg...I hate him but  I love him

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