it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


14. he loves me?

a/n: sorry for the late update, my laptop charger broke and I can't update on my phone...

I stood there, not knowing what to say or what to do.


'I like you.'


'Why?' Greg smiled. 'Because you're not like the others.' I gave him a confused look but he just smiled. 'Yeah, I'm different, I know, I'm sorry.' 'Why? The fact that you're different makes me like you even more. And you're not different, you're special.' I looked him in the eyes to seek for lies but I couldn't find any, the words came from his heart. 'We can never be together.' I said with a sigh. 'Why not?' 'Because you can't even act kind to me in front of the others let alone have a relationshio with me.' Greg looked down and his smile dissapeared. 'I'm not letting you go Ailene, Maybe we're not ready for this, not yet, but I can wait, and I'll wait for you.' I smiled and he slowly let go of my hand. 'I should go.' He said as he turned around. 'Wait! please...' Greg turned around and looked at me. Without saying anything he walked over to me and he gave me a tight hug. 'I'm so sorry I was mean.' I whispered. Greg didn't answer, he just hold me even more tight.


'You are gloating so much, what happened?' Macy asked the monday after the weekend. 'Nothing, just nothing.' She looked and me and let out a playful sigh. 'I can you are not going to tell me anything but I will find out.' She said. I poked her side ands together we walked to the classroom. When we passed Greg's group he turned around and gave me a quick smile before he turned to his friends again. That was enough to make me happy all day. 


'So you are happy.' My dad said as I came home humming my favorite song. 'Had a good day?' I nodded and joined him at the dinner table. 'It was great, maybe this place isn't so bad after all.' My dad gave me a nod. 'I knew you were going to say thta one day. After eating I went to my room and grabbed my guitar and notebook and started writing a song. eventually I spend the whole evening working on the song and then I realised I hadn't call Alana all day...shit. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed her number.



'You sound groggy, were you sleeping?'

'Y-yeah...but it doesn't matter, I'm happy to hear you.'

'I'm sorry I call so late, I was writing a song and...'

'A song? That means you are either really sad or really happy.'

'I'm in love...I think.'

'That explains a lot. Who is the lucky man?'


'Oh that guy you talked about earlyer? Did you make up?'

'Yes...and he even told me he likes me.'

'I'm so happy for you...I'm sorry I want to sound enthousiastic but-'

'No it doesn't matter, you're tired, you should get some sleep.'

'Well...Can I ask you something?'


'Can you sing for me? I mean...'

'What do you want me to sing?'

'A bird without wings...I really like that song.'

that what I did, I started singing and slowly I made my voice softer. 



'Goodnight, sweet dreams.' 

I laid down my phone and my guitar to lay on my back. I just didn't know how to feel, I felt happy because of Greg but also sad because of of Alana. All the mixed emotions made me tired and eventually I just felt in a restles sleep.


Waking up after you slept bad is a feeling I hate so much that I just want to turn around and stay in bed. But I had to get up and go to school again. IT was only Tuesday. I groaned and sat up and rubbed my eyes. 'Ailana, you are getting late!' My father yelled from downstairs. The weather was depressing. the sky was grey and it looked very cold. I hated the winter so much, the only thing that is good about it is the cozy holidays with family and friends. 'Are yoy going with your bike?' My father asked as I sat at the table. I looked outside and saw it was snowing. Chirstmas is not for away, and that kind of made me feel better. 'I think I will be alright.' After I finished my tea I took my jacket and scarf. 'Don't forget your beany, it's cold outside.' My father threw my beany at me and i caught it. 'Thanks dad.' But when I opened the door to get my bike I felt how cold it was getting. To protect myself for the cold I hid my face in my scarf. School isn't that far away.


'We should going to throw a Christmas party.' Charley said in history class. I smiled, that was a great idea. The other people agreed. 'Why don't you organise it together?' Miss Reed suggested. Not much later Kailey got out pen and paper and people started giving their idea's of their ideal Christmas party. 'Their should be music for sure, some classics.' Andy suggested. 'We should use the gym.' Maya said. 'We can make the people of the singing club sing.' Macy said. But before Kailey could write it down Siënna stopped her. 'We can't let them all sing. I saw Macy rolling her eyes but she didn't say anything. 'Why not? They are a group so why just picking a few?' 'Some are just not good enough.' Siënna simply andwered. The people agreed and decided to let only Siënna sing. That wasn't a group anymore but she always gets what she wants and I was already kind of used to that, besides, I din't feel like singing for so much people. 'I'll take care of the food.' Tom said. 'My mum can make punch.' Charley said. I knew this was going to be a great party, we only needed to get permission.


Later, in the next class we got the answer from the teacher. 'Well, I have some good news: They gave permission for the party, and even better: it's going to be a big party for the whole school so get ready to organise, you have three weelks. Everyone was really exited and started talking about it. I just sat there, happy I had something to look forward to. 

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