it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


3. different

I groaned as my father called my name from downstairs. The seconds day of school and I hated it already. I looked at my phone and saw I had a message, it was from Alana:

I hope everything is alright over there. I miss you xxx


That  enough to brighten my mood a bit. My thumb hovered over my phone, thinking about what to text back. I didn't want to make her concerned but I didn't want to lie to her either. 

I think I need to get used to this place, but I really miss you xxx

I enden up texting back. My father called my for a second time. I rushed to the bathroom downstairs for a quick shower, I brushed my teeth and with a towel wrapped around me, I ran upstairs again to pick some clothes. I noticed that people in school wore other kind of clothes. They wear tight clothes and a lot of girls walk around in heels, my father wouldn't even allow my to walk around like them. Luckely there were also a lot of girls wearing normal clothes ans sneakers, maybe it were just those popular girls wearing those clothes my father hates. I sighed as I grabbed a plain white shirt, a green sweather and a jeans. I walked downstairs to see that my father made breakfast. 'Hungry?' He asked. As the smell of eggs and bacon filled my nose, my stomach started to growl. 'I guess that's a yes.' My father chuckled.


Today I went to school with my bike, I knewmost girls of my age would already drive around in a car, and my father promised me that I would get one, one day, but for now, he just didn't have the money. When I arrived at the school I saw some girls chatting with a boy next to a expensive looking car. the boy was smoking and smiling, obvioulsy proud of all the gils hanging around him. I sighed as I but my bike away and walked over to the buolding. Like always there were girls in groups at the lockers, chatting and gossiping. I walked straigt to my locker to get my stuff. 'Look who we have here.' As I turned around I saw Siënna, looking at me with an amused smile. 'It's that wierdo.' One of her friends answered. I turned back to my locker and grabbed the books I needed. When I wanted to walk away I tripped over something, causing my stuff to scatter around the floor,. Everyone in the hallways laughed. I just pretended I didn't care and grabbed my stuff. 'Why are you so mean?' Someone's voice sounded from the other side off the hallway. I turned my head to see where it came from. A girl with halflong brown hair and glasses looked at me and back at the group of girls who were still chuckling. She didn't get an answer but walked over to me. 'Are you okay? I'm Macy.' I nodded. 'I'm Ailene.' 'Ailene...You're not from here I guess?' 'I'm from Ireland.' 'Nice accent.' Did she mean that or was that sarcastic? I decided not to think about it, she was the first person to be friendly so I just enjoyed it. 'Don't mind those girls, they ar always mean, for sure when they find someone who is a bit different.' Different? Was it that obvious I'm not from the same place as the people in this school? 'Can I see your timetable?' Mace asked. I pulled it out of my backpack and showed it to her. 'Tirth class is with me, see you then.' Macy said she walked to her own class. I feld felt relieved I had class with someone who was actually nice to me. Thebad thing was I had a lot of classes with Siënna. 


Like always I tried to be as invisible as possible. I chose a place in the back of the class where no one could see me. I only said something when I really needed to. Like this class wasn't so bad at all. I looked at my timetable, tomorrow I have music. Why did I chose that one? They already laugh at my accent when I'm just talling, what will they do when I need to sing? I snapped back to reality as the teacher called my name. 'So, do I have your atenttion now?' I gave her a confused look. 'I don't know where you where with your mind but I called you like five times.' I felt myself going red as I saw some girls whispering and chuckling. 'Sorry miss, I didn't hear you.' 'I asked you to read the next text in your book.' I looked at my History book and started panicking inside. It was a big text. 'Ailene, we're waiting.' I had to, so I stared reading and I felt eyes burning on my back. I tried to ignore some girls laughing in silence. 



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