it's not that easy

Ailene moves from Ireland to England because of her father's job. In the beginning she scared and lonely, and if that's not bad enough she's also bullied for bien 'different'. What does it take to give Ailene's happy life back?


15. christmas party

I opened my closet and browsed trough my clothes, nothing is right for this party...Then I opened a bag in the hind of my closet. It was a dress I bought a couple of months ago when I went for shopping with Macy. It was a beautiful purple dress, quiet short, finished with some fake cristals. When I put it on I couldn't help it but look at myself in the mirror with a big smile. I bare wear a dress and it makes me feel so womany. I curled my hair and sprayed some hairspray on it. To finish my look I put on some make-up, not too much, I still wanted to look natural.

the parcing lot of the school was crowded with lots of people chatting in groups. The weather got worse, and it was snowing, luckely a friend of Macy already has his driving license. 'Ready to dance?' She asked. I nodded. 'Ofcourse.' I had a good feeling about it because it wasn't completely like prom, a date wasn't neccecary. In the hallways people laughed and talked and I just wanted to go to the gym to attend my first schoolparty. For a simple idea it turned out great, everything was decorated so nice, the music filled the air and people danced close to eachother. I was relieved Macy almost forced to buy me a party dress earlyer this year, you will need it, she has said. I took place on a bench while Macy made her way to the punch. When I looked around I spotted Siënna dancing with Greg. But as soon as he looked over at me he smiled and he seemed like he couldn't keep his attention attached to Siënna, and I must admit, I kind of enjoyed that. 


I saw Siënna breaking the dance and she left. As soon as she was out of sight Greg walked over to me. 'Wanna dance?' He asked and reached out his hand. 'But what about Siënna?' I asked a bit confused. 'She's out for a sigaret, she will be away for a while.' Greg answered with a smile. I took his hand and he put his arm around my waist. 'You look beautiful tonight.' He said. 'Thank you.' I said as I smiled at the ground. Geg lifted up my chin so I was looking at him. 'I wanna dance with you all night.' He said as we slowly danced, close to eachother. I lost myself in his beautiful deep brown eyes. 'I wish we could.' I said, barely hearable. Greg didn't answer, he just stared in to my eyes. The whole world around us dissapeared, it was like we were completely alone. Just the two of us, dancing, and nothing els matters. Slowly Greg came closer with his face and before I even realised what was going on I came closer too. He leaned in and gentely pressed his lips onto mine. The whole world started spinning, I never felt so happh before. I felt sparkles all over my body. Slowly we sepperated and Greg kept staring in my eyes, and I did the same. 'I love you.' Greg whispered, his arms still wrapped around me. I wanted to answerd but before I could I heard a yell that I regonised inmidiatly, Siënna... Greg let go of me and I turned around to see Siënna, staring at us, furius. 'What the hell do you think you are doing?!' She yelled. I didn't know for sure who she was asking. Greg just looked startled. Maybe I should go somewhere els, I should try to find Macy. After walking around a bit I found her, eating some cake. 'Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost?' Macy asked. I shook my head. 'I'm arlight.'


For the rest of the evening I danced with Macy and I actuallly had a lot of fun. I forgot what happened earlyer, but the feeling of my first actual kiss lasted for a long time though. It was time to go home. The hallways were almost empty and Macy was already picked up so it was jsut me, waiting for her friend. But when I wanted to walk to the parcing lot a push made me crash into a locker. Five guys with great muscels stood around me. I rubbed the side of my face that hit the locker ah fear took over my body. Without saying anything they just started beating me. Crying I fell to the ground, I tried to protect myself by crawling into a ball but it was no use. I just had to let it happen, and I knew why. Just as everything started to become a blur, Greg apeared in the hallway. But I wasn't very happy about it, he would propably just walk away. But suprisely he didn't. 'Stop it!' Her yelled. One of the boys turned around and laughed. 'Wanna join?' Greg pulled him away from me and pushed him against a locker. 'Never hurt her again!' He spat. 'She deserves it.' The guy answered and before he could even let out a smirk he got a fist to his face. In shock the others boys turned around. 'Does someo,ne wants some too?' Greg asked. They formed a circle around him but soon Greg put two of them to the ground and the others just ran away. 'Yeah, run away, bunch of crybabies.' I still laid on the ground, in a ball, silently crying. Greg kneeled down next to me and gentely stroked my hair. 'I'm so sorry.' He said. I wasn't responding so wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. Greg just sat there, with me in his arms. 'I'm so sorry, this is all my fault.' He said and his voice broke down. Dit I hear him...sobbing?


Slowly I got out of my shock and found the straight to sit up. 'You protected me.' I whispered. 'I can't just keep looking at how they hurt you.' He gentely pulled me on my feet and supported me to the car where Macy's friend was waiting. But in stead of leaving me there he tapped on the window. 'I'll take Ailene home.' Greg said as the guy opened his window. He nodded and Greg took me to his car and helped me to get in the passengerseat. 'Are you okay?' He asked as he fastened his seatbelt. I slowly nodded. The ride home was silent. Only now and then I told him the way. 'It's here.' I said. 'How do you look?' My dad gasped as he saw us. 'I'm sorry sir, they beat her because of me, but it won't happen again, I promise.' Greg explained. My father nodded and with a final hug he let go of me. 'See you after the vacation.' Greg said before he left in his car. My father turned to me with a concerned face. ' need to tell me everything...right now.'

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