Miracle Worker

Depression. Anxiety. Hurt. Pain. Agony. Torture. Grief. Sadness. Misery. Pangs. Ache. Despair. Torment. Suffering. Hardship. Dejected. Hopeless. Regret. L I F E [Poems about the things I go through; the things we all go through.] {Rated Yellow for some references to self harm, suicide, depression, anxiety and death.}


2. I am

I am

I am not right.

I am a dusty pebble,

Among large, beautiful rocks;

Whom are destined to be great,

while I am nothing


I am a shadow,

Waiting in the dark,

I cannot shine,

I cannot show the way,

I only darken


I do no good,

A useless object,


Bright and ready tools;

Ready for anything


I am broken,


I am nothing,


Why does it hurt so much?

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