Miracle Worker

Depression. Anxiety. Hurt. Pain. Agony. Torture. Grief. Sadness. Misery. Pangs. Ache. Despair. Torment. Suffering. Hardship. Dejected. Hopeless. Regret. L I F E [Poems about the things I go through; the things we all go through.] {Rated Yellow for some references to self harm, suicide, depression, anxiety and death.}


1. Candle


So much darkness shadows our minds

Bringing out the worst in us,

Bringing out the best


We all wish to lighten it,

At some point,

We want the passion go away

But we cannot


We cannot bring ourselves to light a candle

Because one we do, 

The fire will burn


The fire will consume our hearts

Devour us

We cannot control the light,

the fire,

the candle


We are not scared though

We light a match

To test ourselves

It burns out quickly


Just the way we want it to


We are afraid of the light

So we let the darkness surround us

Our candles kept in there place

Never burning

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