Movement is a story about a little girl named Cassy. Cassy is thirteen. She lives in Portland, Michigan and goes to Portland High. She has two best friends, Rowdy and Brooklyn. Cassy finds herself in the back of a van on the way home from school. She wonders if anyone knows she's missing? Will they call the cops? Will I die?--


1. Robinson family


Hello there. My name's Cassie. Your probably thinking "What am I reading?". Well, I will tell you. This story is about me, Cassie Robinson and how i got stolen and held for ransom.



"Cassie! Come pick up your clothes! And don't forget to feed the dog!" Cassie's mom yelled over the hairdryer running. 

"Mom! I am doing my hair! Hold on!" Cassie yells.

"Cassie Robinson! If you don't come pick up these clothes right now, your grounded from your phone! Now!" Cassie groans under her breath. She turns the hair dryer off and goes to pick up her clothes. Once she gets back in the bathroom, she is dying from the heat in the bathroom because of the hair dryer. She decides her hair if dried enough. She quickly straightens her hair and heads into the living room.

"What's for breakfast?" She asks.

"um, there's waffles in the fridge. Your gonna have to walk to school today hun! I have to go to a parent-teacher conference with Jeramiah's teacher."

"Okay, whatever." Cassie says mumbling under her breath. 

Cassie quickly throws some waffles in the toaster and shoves them into her mouth. She pulls out her phone and heads to school.



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