Movement is a story about a little girl named Cassy. Cassy is thirteen. She lives in Portland, Michigan and goes to Portland High. She has two best friends, Rowdy and Brooklyn. Cassy finds herself in the back of a van on the way home from school. She wonders if anyone knows she's missing? Will they call the cops? Will I die?--


2. Portland High

"Cassie! What took you so long? We have to finish that science project next hour!" says her best friend Brooklyn.

"My mom made me walk to school. Something about a parent-teacher conference with Jeramiah. Whatever." Cassie replies.

Cassy walks quite fast to her locker. She throws all her books into it and rushes into first hour. She get's there just as the bell rings.

"So, I was thinking we could put these painted balls i made on the poster then add some..." Brooklyn voice trails off with so many ideas.

"Woah there! i can only hear one idea at a time! Let's just add some glitter and call it good." 

"Cassie? Are you okay? You aren't acting your normal self today?" Brooklyn says with a confused face.

"I am fine. Just a little tired i guess." Cassie replies.


"I swear they make these hamburgers out of a dead cow's stomach." Rowdy said, Cassy's other best friend. 

'Haha! I bet so." Cassy said grinning.

Cassy and Rowdy get through the lunch line and sit down at an empty table. They eat their lunch and talk about going to the fair Friday. 

"Cassie, you wanna go?" Rowdy asks

"Nah, i have to babysit Jeramiah.' Cassy says frowning.

"oh okay. Well, at least come to Sonic after school." Brooklyn said.

"I will but i have to go home to ask. My phone isn't working. Something with the service."

"Okay. I will see you later then." Rowdy, Brooklyn, and Cassy head off to their classes.


After school, Cassy heads towards home and decides to just play a game. One minute she is listening to her favorite music, the next she is pushed into a van. She fights by kicking and trying to scream;. Her mouth is covered by a rag. The rag is covered in Chloroform. She instantly faints.

It seems like forever when she finally gets out of the van. She felt as if she slept for two days. She has a dew-rag over her eyes as a blindfold.

"Whe, where am i?" She stutters to say.

"Don't worry precious. Your safe." says a male voice. She concludes that the voice sounds about a fifty or forty year old guy. He sounds like a smoker the way he talks. She has no sight and only walks about twenty feet when they stop and she goes into another car. This car has a new car smell. She can't figure out what kind of car it is though.

"Okay. Here we go." says a different voice. This one sounds more young. maybe early thirties. She get's in the car and the car takes off. It seems to be going about thirty miles per hour. Then, she hears music come on. Its an old rock station. She hears Bon jovi playing. She hates Bon Jovi.

They drive and drive. She falls asleep and dreams about how everything happened so quick...

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