The Gang, A Niall Horan love story. parents...abusive ex... Her life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. The only thing she has is her older brother Joey. She doesn't get out much in fear she will run into Eric- the boy who makes her life a living hell. But one might she's on a jog and gets lost. What happens when no one answers their phone and he's the only one left to call? He ditches her in a scary town alone. She gets "kidnapped" yet saved by a current "gang" also known as One Direction, who is currently hiding in America from crazy haters. Will she escape alive. Or stay by choice? Will she fall in love. With one, or two of them?


4. Princess?

I stand up and walk from behind the dumpster..where I've been hiding like a baby for the last 20 minutes and run. I run as fast i can into the woods.

Harry notices me and screams my name desperately. I run non stop until his voice slowly fades into a distance. I slow my pace to a walk. A small log cabin come to view. I approach it cautiously, slowly i reach my hand up to knock on the door. 

Knock Knock. No answer. I open the door handle and step inside.

"hello" I call. Nobody answers.

The inside of the cabin is warm. Its opened up not many walls dividing the room. I see a big bed in the corner and exhaustion hit me like a bulldozer.                                                                          

 I'm sure whoever lives here wouldn't mind if i just took a quick nap...i meant no ones around.            I walk over to the inviting bed and plop down. Before I'm even aware of whats happening I'm asleep. 

Next Morning. 


"Hey wake up!" A voice calls with an Irish accent. "c'mon you re in my bed!"  

  I spring out of the bed and my reflexes bring my arms up, protecting my face. Out of habit I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for the pain.                                                                                                                      

"Hey, whoa, calm down. No one's going to hurt you" The boys voice says again.                                

 Tentatively I lower my arms and release my clinching eyes.                                                                            

I open my eyes and gasp. It's the boy from Harry's gang. The one that warned us about the police. Niall I think he said his name..    His bright blue eyes show he recognizes me. I start to make my way to the door.

But he reaches out and grabs my wrist. "Wait, don't go. I'm getting ready to make breakfast, you seem starving. Stay?"                                                                

On Que my stomach growls loudly. I haven't eaten since i had dinner with Joey. Joey...oh I miss him so much. My eyes start to tear up just thinking about him.                                                                                                                                                                    "Oh no. Please don't cry, princess." I look up, i had forgotten where I was. "Yes" my voice croaks "can I please have some food. I haven't eaten for days."                                                                                                                                      

 The boy gives me a horrified look, before dragging me into the kitchen. 

                                                          Niall's P.O.V 

"So," I say "Who kicked you out of the car? What happened?" 

I look up at Lily and see her blue eyes are filled with tears. Taking a deep breath she looks up at me. 

"Do you really want to know?" She says quitely

"Well..I do, but i understand if its a touchy subject. Dont worry about it. If you dont want to tell me you dont have to." I say mustering up the best, encouraging smile I can. 

"Okay..I'll tell you; but you cant tell anyone." 

I nod my head and gesture for her to continue. 

She proceeds to tell me about Joey and how much she misses him and how much she loves him. My heart breaks when she sobs just talking about him.

She tells me about Eric and how he would abuse her, rape her and overall just hurt her if she didnt do everything he said. She suddenly became very quite. 

"Are you alright pricess?" I ask her due to her sudden silence. 

"Yes, I'm just scared. Everyone I let in betrays me. Its like I'm a joke. Everyones' always the same even Harry. I finally thought I could trust him, but he proved to me I cant trust anyone"

Her eyes widen with fear and she covers her mouth, realizing she had said to much.

"What did that asshole do to you Lily? " I say struggling to contain my agner.

"No-nothing. I dont know why I said that" She says in a low voice, obviously lying.

"Lily, I swear to god if you dont tell me what he did..." I trail off threating her.

"He-he-he slapped me..I was just beginning to trust him and he slaps me because I miss my family and was crying. I know I just deserved it, but I still thought maybe just MAYBE he was different."

My eyesight become blurry and I can see red spots. Every muscle in my body goes ridged.  

"Lily, you didnt deserve that. Harry has always been an ass towards girls, I'm sorry I didnt warn you this morning. I swear to you I wont let him touch him ever again." 

She smiles at my words, then jumps up and wraps me in a huge bearhug. I stand up and wrap my arms around her. Hoping she feels safe. I know now, that I'll never let anything happen to this girl. I may have just met her but she might just be my princess. 

She says something I can barely make out, because its mumbled into my neck. But I'm pretty sure she said 

"Niall, you might just be different, and I trust you" 


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