The Gang, A Niall Horan love story. parents...abusive ex... Her life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. The only thing she has is her older brother Joey. She doesn't get out much in fear she will run into Eric- the boy who makes her life a living hell. But one might she's on a jog and gets lost. What happens when no one answers their phone and he's the only one left to call? He ditches her in a scary town alone. She gets "kidnapped" yet saved by a current "gang" also known as One Direction, who is currently hiding in America from crazy haters. Will she escape alive. Or stay by choice? Will she fall in love. With one, or two of them?


2. Kidnapped

The set me down. Never letting me see them working completely from be hide. He or she gags me and takes my hand and runs. He takes me into a run down old house. When I'm finally inside he says (still from behind)


"Lily" I answer shakily.  

Him- age?  

Me- 18  

Him- I'm 19..gender?  

Me- girl idiot.  

He thumps my head from behind  

Me- ouch.  

Him- your just a spoiled rich girl with wealthy parents.. 

Me- just so you know..I have nothing I want I have no money I live in a small cheap apartment with my brother because my parents are dead!  

Him- oh...whatever.  

Suddenly a boy with curly hair and green eyes walks in and sees me.

I yell "please let me go!"

Curly hair boy says "Zayn, Why do you have such a beautiful girl tied up in the living room?".

Zayn was my kidnappers name..  

Zayn- she was alone with no one around so I kidnapped he  

Him- you idiot  

Zayn - shut up Harry  

Harry- get a life.  

Harry walks over to me and gently unties my hands from the chair and picks me up bridal style He sets me down on a couch.

And says "where are my manners, I'm Harry, that's arse that took you is zayn. And Liam, Niall, and Louis live here also"

Zayn shakes his head and stomps into a room and slams the door.                                                      

Harry I notice is cute..he has brown curly hair and bright green eyes. A handsome strong body also.

He sits down beside me "how did you get out to this side of town, sweetie", he says gently.

I look into his eyes and say. "Someone kicked me out of their car.."

Harry nods and says "Ahh" then he looks down...he sees the arm print on my wrist and stares. I quickly try to hide it.

He says "love, where did you get that?"

I feel my eyes filling with tears and fight them back. And say "my boyfriend.."

Harry cuts me off and says "YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND THAT TREATS YOU LIKE THAT!" clearly angry and annoyed.

I quickly say "EX boyfriend! Anyway last night he slapped me"

I say gesturing to my bruise on my cheek "then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into an alley, shoved me to the ground and kicked me in the ribs.."

I see Harry's eyes widen. I can't take this. I start to cry. I cry because I miss Joey I miss him so so much. I'm lost and kidnapped. I'm abused.

Harry wraps his strong arms around me and I cry into his shoulder.

Eventually someone walks in the door and says "hey guys I'm whoa Harry who's that?"

I jump and wipe my tears away.

Harry says "a  girl that Zayn kidnapped."

The other guys says "well hello there! I'm Louis. I'm 20. You?

I say "lily, 18".

Louis walks to a bedroom and closes the door.

Harry looks at me and says "your safe now don't worry I'll never let that guy get near you!" .

I say "I miss my brother!"

Harry looks confused..he says "what about your parents?"

I start crying again and between sobs I say "my mom died a long time ago and my dad died last year!"

Harry holds me close again and kisses my head.  

                                       Harrys pov

I can't belive all the stuff about this girl. I also can't tell her it was me who found her in the alley last night. This is who she is! She so beautiful. The prettiest girl I've ever seen. Big sad blue eyes. Beautiful long golden curls.  


Suddenly Harry says "are you single"

I answer in a sob "yes!".

I can litteraly see Harrys face fill with hope. what the fuck? I hardly know the kid!

 I say "when will you let me go home?".

A voice I recognize.."NEVER sweetie your staying with us till the day you die," says Zayn.

I look at Harry but he only looks at the floor.

Louis suddenly walks in with an oversize sweatshirt and some girls skinny jeans.

He hands them to me and says "your shivering and your lips are blue plus your wet! The bathrooms right down the hall if you want to change."

I smile great fully at him and accept the clothes. I run into the bathroom and strip of these horrid set jogging stuff and put on the oversize sweatshirt and surprisingly the jeans were just my size.

I walk back to the boys and see they are deeply in a conversation along with a boy I haven't seen yet. He has mudblonde hair and brown eyes. He's almost beautiful I can't stop looking at him. I tap on Harrys shoulder. He turn around and smiles at me with that charming smile.

I say "where do I put the wet clothes?"

he gets up and takes them "I'll take them to the dryer for you!" he says and walks off.

I look down at my watch and see its 4:00am in the morning and yawn really big as harry comes back in.

He says "is anyone but me ready for bed?" all the boys raise their hands and run off to a different room each.

Harry looks at me and says "you tired".

I'm so sleepy I just nod my head.

"you can sleep with me" he says scooping me up and carrying me to bed. The last thing I remember is be cuddled in his arms In bed in a warm sweatshirt and comfy shorts.  

I woke up and remembered where I was. I have to get out of here!

I start to move but someone is holding on to me! It's Harry I slept with him last night.

Ugh. I gently undo his arms from my waist. I slowly creep to the end of the bed and stand up. I walk down the hallway but step on a creaky floor board. I freeze.

I hear someone walk up behind me. I turn around and see Harry standing there. He lefts his hand and I cringe and hide my face with my arms.

He gently puts his hand on my arm and whispers "I'm not like that".

Harry takes my wrist and I gasp. He looks at his hand. It's in the exact spot of where Eric had me. He mouths sorry and takes my other hand, he pulls me back into his bedroom and sits down on the bed.

He looks into my eyes  

                                             HARRYS POV  

I woke up when she tried to get out of bed. She walked down the hall and was very quite. Maybe she could escape. CREEK.

Shit I hope she didn't wake Zayn .

I quickly jumped out of bed and go get her. She must of had a horrible boyfriend before I just raised my hand to point to my room. She thought I was going to hit her. I've never seen anyone looks so scared.

She sits down on the opposite side of the bed. I gaze into her eyes. Their filled with hurt, sadness, and loneliness. I feel so awful. I need to show her what it's like to have a good boyfriend.

take her hand in mine and look into her eyes. "listen," I say "I know you miss your brother. I can't let you leave though or Zayn will be mad. I really wish you could escape. I know you must just want to go home. But that's not going to happen I'm so sorry. Your going to have to stay here. I'll make you a deal?"

she nods her head so I continue.

"ill take you outside of this stinky house to walk around and do what you want if, you let me be your boyfriend".

Her eyes fill with terror and she says "NO. Im never going to have another boyfriend. Their evil, cruel, and heartless to you. They never leave you alone. They just keep on hurting you!"

I realize how much pain she's in. I've never seen anything like it before.

"ok," I say "I promise you I'll be different. I'll treat you with respect. I would never do anything to hurt you, please lily?".

She looks like she's thinking.  


(A/N: THANKS FOR READING! I'm really hoping you guys like it! Please read comment vote!!)

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