The Gang, A Niall Horan love story. parents...abusive ex... Her life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. The only thing she has is her older brother Joey. She doesn't get out much in fear she will run into Eric- the boy who makes her life a living hell. But one might she's on a jog and gets lost. What happens when no one answers their phone and he's the only one left to call? He ditches her in a scary town alone. She gets "kidnapped" yet saved by a current "gang" also known as One Direction, who is currently hiding in America from crazy haters. Will she escape alive. Or stay by choice? Will she fall in love. With one, or two of them?


6. I really like him...


                                                             Lily's P.O.V     

I lazily open my eyes, and realize I had fallen asleep on Niall. I look up at him, his face was worse than it was earlier. He had a very swollen black eye and a busted lip. His right cheek was a multiple color rainbow. I realize that the fighting between them won't end until I'm gone, or until him and Harry make up. I stand up quietly, doing my best not to wake Niall. I head towards Harry's room and knock softly on the door. 

"Who is it?" He calls from inside, and it sounds like hes been crying. 

"Harry, it's me, can we talk? Please?" I ask. I hear him stand up, and walk over to the door. He hesitates a few seconds, then opens the door slowly. His face goes into complete shock. He stares at my cheek, his eyes soften and he looks at the ground, motioning for me to come in with his hand. 

"Lily..." he says after I've taken a seat on the bed. "I'm so sorry about your face..I didn't think I slapped you that hard.." 

'No Harry," I say cutting him off. "You did know you hit me think hard. You hit me twice today. Do you really blame me for not trusting you? Niall was right, you re a sick twisted bastard" His eyes harden at my harsh words. "BUT, I didn't come here to yell at you. I came here to make sure you know what you did, and make sure you know you'll never even get a shot at being with me. But please hate me all you want, because you were right I am a whore. But please Harry, please don't take it out on Niall, he's your band mate, your brother, and your gang bro. You can't let me come between you two. You own him a big apology, don't you think?" 

"Yes Lily, I do. But I sure as hell don't owe you one. This is all your fault. If you hadn't have come between us, this never would have happened! Your'e the reason I got mad, you the reason Niall hit me, EVERYTHING IS ALL YOUR GOD DAMN FAULT LILY!!" 

My eyes tear up and I look at my hands. This wasn't how I hoped this would go. "FINE MAYBE I SHOULD JUST LEAVE THEN, HARRY! WOULD THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY? To destroy Niall's life. He cares about me, and I care about him. And if you want to be a selfish ass, because you can't stand the thought of seeing us together, because you can't move on for the sake of youre BEST FRIEND. THEN GO AHEAD HARRY. TELL ME TO LEAVE." 

"FINE" Harry says angerly "Leave Lily. Everyone is asleep. I wont tell anyone where you went. You can get away and go see your brother and I dont have to see you and Niall together, it's a win win" 

"No Harry, it's a win. A win for you. I want to stay. I want to stay with Niall because I like him I like him alot more than I ever pretended to like you."

"Lily" Harry says through gritted teeth "Leave. Niall can't have you. You were mine first and I don't want you guys to be together. SO LEAVE, NOW!" He says standing up pointing at the door. 

I walk to the door crying, getting ready to shut it behind me when I whisper "You never had me". Then I slam the door and do it again. I run into the living room and write a letter to Niall. I gently place it behind his back, so Harry wont see it. I lightly kiss his forhead goodbye and walk to the door.

Right before I shut the door behind me, I hear the fimilar Irish accent "Lily?" 





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