The Gang, A Niall Horan love story. parents...abusive ex... Her life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. The only thing she has is her older brother Joey. She doesn't get out much in fear she will run into Eric- the boy who makes her life a living hell. But one might she's on a jog and gets lost. What happens when no one answers their phone and he's the only one left to call? He ditches her in a scary town alone. She gets "kidnapped" yet saved by a current "gang" also known as One Direction, who is currently hiding in America from crazy haters. Will she escape alive. Or stay by choice? Will she fall in love. With one, or two of them?


11. with..who?


                                                                Louis's P.O.V.  

"Its time to come back to England" I scream, not caring who hears me, we're going home. Finally.

"Boys!" I yell "WE GET TO GO HOME!". I run into the living room where everyone is watching Saw. 

Harry and Zayn jump off the couch mumbling about packing and Liam just stares off into space. In a sort of dream. 

"When do we leave?" Niall asks, standing up, removing himself from Lily's sleeping figure. 

"Paul said the plane is leaving tomorrow" I say excitedly, then my spirits fall at Niall's face. His features are twisted up into a mix of pure agony and excitement. 

''What am I going to do Louis?"

"What do you mean?" I ask furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. 

About Lily you arse. I love her, I can't just leave her, her brother is probably...oh my god..her brother..I never let her call him, ugh I am so stupid." Niall smacks himself on the forehead and he looks ready to cry. 

"Whoa, calm down mate." I say softly putting an arm around him as we sink to the floor. "Take Lily home tonight and let her explain everything to Joey, then maybe he'll let her come to Ireland with you. Even if it's not forever, it's something, right mate?" I ask. 

Niall's face brightens at my words. "Yeah, that's perfect! Thanks so much. Love you man!" 

Laughing I stand up to go pack and let Niall talk with Lily. 


                                                             Lily's P.O.V. 

"Lily?" Someone says softly "Wake up I need to talk to you babe." 

Slowly I open my eyes to meet his happy blue ones right above me.

"Why you so happy Niall?" I ask,which brings an even bigger smile to his face. 

"Well...." He says standing up and sitting on the floor so he could look me in the eyes "Your going home today, like right now" 

I squeal with happiness and wrap my arms around hi neck mumbling thank you over and over again. 

"Slow down princess. Thats not all" He says, gently pushing my back to he could see my face

"I get to go back to Ireland tomorrow and I really want you to come with me. I know it's alot to ask so quick and I am not asking you to move in with me or anything, just come for a few weeks please?" He rambles looking into my blue eyes with his. 

"Niall..." I say looking at the floor "I want to, more than anything in the world, but I have to talk to Joey." 

He nods understandingly before pulling me up. "Well" He says putting his snapback on "Lets go to your house shall we?" 

I grin largely at his offer and we walk out to his car. 

"Now" He says seriously "Try not to be seen by cops, they don't know an internationally famous boyband is terrorizing their city, that's why we are trying to stay out of view." 

"Ohhh" I say as it all clicks in my head. Everything makes sense. 



((At Lily's house.))

I ring the doorbell, releasing Niall's hand, because as far as Joey will know,  he's just the brave boy who saved me. 

The door is swung open by a very stressed looking Joey.

He looks down at me and he looks at if the wait of the world has been lifted off his shoulders.

I start crying as I leap into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. 

''Oh my god Lily, I was so  scared. I thought I lost you." He says quietly, as he rubs my hair. 

We are sitting on the couch, and Niall had gone into the other room to talk to Alyssa. 

"Joey. I was so scared. I missed you so much, I am so sorry." 

"Shh, baby calm down" He says comfortingly rubbing my back. 

After I had stopped crying he grabs my shoulders and looks me in the eye "Tell me what happened." He says. 

"Well, I got lost and no one was answering their phones, so I was stupid and called Eric. I know how stupid that was. Anyways, he dropped me off in the backskirts of town, he tried to hit me with his car, but a boy..." 

"The one you came here with?" Joey asks cutting me off.

"No" I say shaking my head"His friend Zayn. Now let me finish?"

Joey nods his hand,signaling for me to go on.

"He pulled me out of the way took me back to the safety of their house. I wasn't able to call you because I had lost my phone, and the boys are in the band One Direction, and they're here hiding, so they are forbidden from using their phones. Then the police came and we ran, Niall, the one I came with, and I went out to a little cabin in the woods for a few days, we went back to their house yesterday, after everything had calmed down and the boys were told they could go back to England or Ireland. So they brought me back here."

I look over at Niall, who had come back in with Alyssa to hear my story, and lock eyes with him. 

He mouths a quick 'thank you' at my for lying about the boys problems. I just shrug. 

Joey stands up and so does Niall, since Joey was walking towards him.

Then, Joey did the most unexpected thing. He pulled Niall in for a huge bearhug. 

Niall was surprised by the action at first, but quickly recovered, hugging him back. 

Once they had awkwardly parted Joey says "Thank you bro, I could never thank you enough. If you need anything, any way I could repay you. Just ask" 

I look at Niall and we have a silent agreement, he would ask now. 

"Well.." Niall starts slowly "There is one thing..." 

"Well spit it out" Joey says with a smirk.

"lwaswonderingifLilycouldcometoIrelandwithme?" He says too quickly. 

"What was that Niall?" Joey asks, confused. 

Niall blushes and looks at his, suddenly very interesting fingers, "Sir, I was just wondering if Lily would maybe want to come to Ireland with me for a little while?" He says looking up. 

Joey takes a step back, shock clearly written all over his features, as he slowly shakes his head. 

"Please Joey?" I ask, speaking up. 

Joey whips around and looks at me, anger all over his face. 

"It's just, I've always wanted to go there, and I would kind of like to get away from Eric for a while." I say softly, looking up at Joey. 

His features softens and he sighs loudly, coming over to sit beside me. 

Joey takes my hand in his "Is this what you really want?" He asks slowly. 

I nod my head quickly, glancing at Alyssa for help, she gives me a slight smile and a wink. 

"Well..okay" Joey says. 

I scream loudly with happiness and hug Joey quickly before jumping up and hugging Niall even tighter. 

"BUT" Joey shouts, grabbing Niall and I's attention. "Only for a month. Okay, got it? One month. And I want separate bedrooms." He says winking pointing a finger between Niall and I causing us both to blush. 

"Lily, I approve." Joey says.

Alyssa and I both squeal, and hug each other. But Niall looks confused

"Niall" I say laughing "He approves of you being my boyfriend" 

Recognation registers in his eyes and he grabs Joey in a bone-crushing hug. Making Joey's face turn a light shade of purple. 

"Okay. Well Lily, go pack, I'll be up in a sec, we need to just catch up, I missed you more than words. Niall you can go on home, I'll see you tomorrow," Joey says pushing me up the stairs.


I shut the door behind me, smiling to myself "I'm going to Ireland with Niall Horan" 















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