The Gang, A Niall Horan love story. parents...abusive ex... Her life hasn't exactly been a walk in the park. The only thing she has is her older brother Joey. She doesn't get out much in fear she will run into Eric- the boy who makes her life a living hell. But one might she's on a jog and gets lost. What happens when no one answers their phone and he's the only one left to call? He ditches her in a scary town alone. She gets "kidnapped" yet saved by a current "gang" also known as One Direction, who is currently hiding in America from crazy haters. Will she escape alive. Or stay by choice? Will she fall in love. With one, or two of them?


1. Crap happens

I awake to the sound of birds chirping outside. I moan at being woken up so early on a Saturday.            

I get up and go into my walk in closet and look at myself i the mirror. As I stare at myself I notice my golden hair is a rats nest. My normally bright blue eyes have purple bags under them.

Now this doesn't bother me like it would bother most 17year old girls. What bothers me is the big purple swollen bruise on my left cheek. And the bluish/purple hand print on my wrist from being held to hard. Suddenly all the memories from last night hit me at once.


"shut up!", yells Eric angrily as he slaps me.

I shrink to the ground as if it will protect me from my ex's hate.

It doesn't.

He grabs my wrist much to tightly and jerks me up.

"owww," I yell' "your hurting me!"

Eric just shrugs and tightens his grip as he pulls me into a dark alley.

"ERIC!" I scream in pain "LET ME GO!"

He pushes me o the ground. I hit the pavement and my head slaps something hard.

Then as I try to get up something hits me in the ribs.

As I black out I hear someone laughing.


Than blackness.  



***end flashback*** 

I start to cry, I shrink down to the ground and curl up, I put my head on my knees and cry.

Joey comes in and sits beside me. He wraps his arms around me and holds me close.

Joey my 25yr old brother is always here for me, his little sister. He's always trying to help me. He's always there to talk and comfort me. I look up at him big soft worried eyes and smile.

He whispers "lily? What's wrong?"

I sniffle and simply say "Eric won't leave me alone".

He soft face hardens. Anger roars in his eyes. "I'm going to beat the crap out of this kid!"                                                                                        

I say "no Joe. It's not a good idea. Please dont" 

Joey is disappointed and sighs. He kisses the bruise on my cheek and helps me up. J

oey sweetly wraps his arm around my shoulder and takes me downstairs to breakfast. I sit down at the table and tell Joey everything!

From when I went to the store to waking up in my room.

When I was done he said "a boy in the apartment above us heard you scream. He ran outside just in time to see a boy-Eric-kick you in the ribs then run off laughing. He ran over to you saw you were out cold. He picked you up and took you to his house. When he got there he let you sleep on his couch. When you were awake he asked you where you lived. You said "room 404" he took you here knocked on the door told me the story and left without even telling me his name all I know is he had dark curly hair and was probably about 18 also green eyes."

I just sat there staring at Joey on 'aw'. After awhile I say "wow" Joey nods.

I finish my eggs and go upstairs to my room. And draw. I've always loved drawing. When I was done with my butterfly it was lunch time.

So I go into my closet and find some comfy sweats and a tank top to put on. When I go downstairs Joey says "up for some pizza?".

"oh my god!" I say "yes so ready!".

We arrive at Pizza Hut at 1:30pm.

It was awkward for some reason.

We just say there quietly, not talking. When it was time to go he just stood up and walked out. I guess I should follow I walked out and got in the car.

When we got home Joey walked into the living room and sat down on our big blue sofa. And turned on the tv.

I yelled as I went upstairs "I'm taking a bath!"

he just gave me a thumbs up.

I walked into the green tiled bathroom and turned the bath on. I made sure to put in extra pink bubbles. While my lovely bath was filling up I went to my room and sat in my big pink fuzzy chair. And read "Romeo and Juliet" for about 20 minutes. 

Than I checked on my bath. It's ready. I soak in the bubbles rubbing the soap on my bruised ribs and arm. I stay in the bath until dinner when Joey tells me its time to get out. I get dressed in running shorts and a take top and go downstairs. I see Joey and Alyssa at the table. Alyssa is Joeys girlfriend they have been together since I was 11. So a long long time. I say down with them to eat  

Alyssa- hey Lily how are you?  

Me- good you?  

Alyssa- very good thanks 

Joey- so hows work Alyssa?  

Alyssa- good! Thanks  

Joey- that's good. Lily?  

Me- yes?  

Joey- do you want some pain killer? 

Me- *blushing* no I'm good thanks  

Alyssa- what's wrong, Lily?  

Me- I just got bruised.... 

Alyssa- instantly understanding- ok dear!  

Me- Joey dinners so good  

Alyssa- ya babe it's awesome 

Joey- aw thanks girls.  

Me- I'm going jogging  

Joey.looking concerned- now? By yourself? It's already 10:00pm!"  

Me- yes now. Yes by myself! I know the time!  

Alyssa- honey she's almost 18 she'll be fine.  

Joey- take your phone! 

Me- ok I will bye!  

I go upstairs put my hair in a messy bun grab my phone and take off. While I run I think about mom, dad, Eric, the boy who saved me,

If Joey was going to ask Alyssa to marry him...god I'm pooped. I stop and check the time. IT'S 1:00am. I'm lost crap. I have no idea where I am. And my crappy blackberry doesn't have enough signal get google maps up.

I call Joey: no answer.

I call Alyssa: no answer.

I call everyone on my contacts. I sit down in the grass and sob.

Wait. I have not called one person. I was hoping it wasn't coming to this but I have no choice.

I call Eric.

Eric: uh hey?  

Me: Eric I'm so sorry its lily. I'm lost I need you to come pick me up PLEASE 

Eric- why should I?  

Me- please I'm lost my brother won't pick up. I have no one else to call. There's no houses in sight.  

Eric- ugh fine where are you?  

Me- somewhere called Greenmeadow Acrs.  

Eric- jeez your 30 minutes from here. I'll be there soon.    

In about 10 minutes I see his old rusty pickup truck. He stops. I get in his car thank him and off we go. After a while he passes my house.

"ERIC" I exclaim "you missed my house!"

he says "I ain't taking you to your house babe!"

 Noo. After about 20 more minutes I'm completely lost. It's dark, rainy and cold. He pulls over in an alley in one of the worst towns in California.

He says "get out!"

When I don't get out he come around and takes me by the hair rips me out of the car and drags me in front of his car and slams me down.

I am dazed and losing seeing spots. I'm to dizzy to stand up.

Eric gets in the car and backs up. He's going to hit me and kill me. I roll out of the way and warrily stand up.

He says "this is for breaking my heart." and speeds off.

Just then it starts raining to not raining pouring. I sink down to the ground and sit on the curb. I put my hands on my eyes and cry. I sit there and cry in the FREEZING downpour.

Soon I have to get up and find some sort or shelter. I pass lots of gangs and people eyeballing me.

Suddenly someone puts their hand over my mouth and pulls me away. 

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