Lost In Our Love

The band One Direction is just starting to put all the puzzle peices together for their fame when the girls get in the way. I (Mo) met the band at a meet and greet when i was 18 and met the band but i never thought it would turn into this. My ex boyfriend is back and he's not happy.


8. The text (ch. 6)

    My incredibly blurry vision made it very hard to see the screen of my phone. I tried to make out the word but couldn't. "Zayn babe, could you read this for me?" I asked. Liam, still supporting my head turned me so I could lean on Zayn's lap.

   Liam brought the other boys out of the room so me and Zayn could have a little privacy. "Okay Babe, this is what it says." He took a deep breath and put one hand on my forehead while the other was still holding the phone.

 "Mo, you can't hide from me. I know its been a while since I've seen that pretty little face of yours, but I've seen you on TV with your new little friend. All I want you to know is if I can't have you then no one can. Keep me in your dreams, sweetie".

    Zayn swallowed deep then look down at me with my head on his lap. A tear streamed down my face and he rubbed it off my face with his thumb. "I need to go." I stuttered. Zayn started talking but I shouted, "I can't put you threw this." I had a puddle of tears on my sweatshirt and Zayn had a tear fall from his eye on to my forehead.

   I started to stand up but Zayn had me pinned down. I couldn't move. But, at the same time I didn't want to. "Doll, I'm never leaving you. I can't. I wont" Zayn stuttered. "But, Zay--" he cut me off, "Do you feel safe with me babe? Do you trust me?" "Yes" I said with no hesitation.

     "Then stay with me. I will protect you from whatever harmful things the world throws at you" he paused, "Us. If I let you leave me. What if he keeps you. I would rather have us be separated by him prying my cold dead hands off of you because I never want to leave you." Zayn stayed silent for  while then wiped his eyes. "I don't think this is the right time for this, and it probably isn't, but as I said  can't live without you. You mean to world to me. Even though I was just with Perrie I have no feelings for her, and now I know you have no feelings for Niall. We've known each other for such a long time and when we were apart for, I don't know, two years I think? That was the worst time of my life."

    I was now turned around and we were looking each other eye in eye and he was rubbing my cheekbones. I was crying very hard now but I didn't want to leave Zayn and I won't but I didn't interrupt him and let him continue.

    "My beautiful Mo, I never want to leave you and to make sure of that, would you make me the happiest man on the planet, and marry me?"

   My mouth dropped, and Zayn, was crying a river. All I did was pull his ear close to my lips and whisper one word and tears streamed down both of our faces


Sorry for not porting in so long. I've been really busy with essays and stuff like that! hmmmmm...What will Mo say? The next chapter will be up soon so you can find out! 



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