Lost In Our Love

The band One Direction is just starting to put all the puzzle peices together for their fame when the girls get in the way. I (Mo) met the band at a meet and greet when i was 18 and met the band but i never thought it would turn into this. My ex boyfriend is back and he's not happy.


1. (not a chapter) meet me!

 Hey, I'm Mo! ;) Thank you for visiting my page. I am 20 years old and a BIG fan of One Direction. I am personally in love with Zayn but... don't worry if you like someone else in the band, everyone will be in the story. I have been very busy lately with college and everything so I don't know if I can publish everyday. I will try my best. I also wanna tell you about my grammar... I am a texter... you know what that means?!? I use a lost of wanna, gonna, and gotta a lot but don't worry I'm not gonna go full out BRB TTYL on ya! Please NO HATE and give me some ideas on what i should work on...Thanx! <3 ya'll! :)

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