Lost In Our Love

The band One Direction is just starting to put all the puzzle peices together for their fame when the girls get in the way. I (Mo) met the band at a meet and greet when i was 18 and met the band but i never thought it would turn into this. My ex boyfriend is back and he's not happy.


2. I Still Remember (ch. 1)

   I still remember they way you hugged me and loved me and your gentle kisses on my neck. I remember the way you made me feel safe and i haven't felt that way lately. Not around anyone. The trust was gone and all I wanted was for you to come back. It was a few months ago that Harry invited me to come to London for the release of "Best Song Ever" and i agreed but i never thought that i would actually be going to London and getting to see the person i love. The person that i cant ever leave again. I'm going to see Zayn. Zayn Malik. I screamed at the top of my lungs when i got a text from Niall last week that read...

"Hey Mo, I can't wait to see you next week, xoxo!"

Niall has always had a crush on me, and a pretty obvious one too. I was wondering how he was going to react since me and Zayn have been away from each other for 2 years now. I had no problem dating Niall or Zayn just it would be so awkward falling for a different guy than the one i have been waiting to see for 2 years. I didn't even want to think about it i just packed up my things in a suitcase and made sure my flight was still booked.

   I had 3 luggage bags so the storage space is going to cost a lot on the plain. I only had one day to get all my shit packed up for the flight tomorrow. Man it was stressful. I had no clue if they would want me to stay for longer than the month i had planned, so i basically packed my hole house. I was so tired and exhausted i just crashed in my bed. Thinking about hugging Zayn. Holding him in my arms again. I tried to dream about it but it was such a unbelievable thought that i couldn't. I was truly just sitting there. Staring into nothing. Not knowing what to think.

I was truly lost in our love.


Thanks for reading... How do you like the chapter? Who should go after Mo when she gets to London? Hope you enjoyed it...Please give me some new ideas!

:)(: ~Mo

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