Lost In Our Love

The band One Direction is just starting to put all the puzzle peices together for their fame when the girls get in the way. I (Mo) met the band at a meet and greet when i was 18 and met the band but i never thought it would turn into this. My ex boyfriend is back and he's not happy.


3. I never thought (ch. 2)

   I finally arrived in London and what a sight! Walking out of the airport, into the city was completley beautiful. I went to call Niall for some directions, but i stopped because i heard a familiar voice. It made me smile so big and i didn't even want to turn around because i knew how stupid i would look. I just stood there. I started laughing and yelled out "Niall!" I quickly turned around and wrapped my arms and legs around Niall, still laughing. I didn't know why I was laughing so hard. I could feel Niall's grip getting loose so i got down off of his arms and just looked into his eyes and kept laughing. "I missed you so much!!!!!" I screamed. He look like he fell in love with my eyes by just glazing into them and we were just inches from each other now. I thought it was Niall that wrapped his arms around my waste, but it wasn't his voice that said, "What's so funny, doll?" It was Zayn. I never thought i would see him again. I turned around and kissed him so hard. He put his hands on my face but instead of kissing me back, he pushed me away. In that moment I was so embarrassed. I didn't even know what to think."I have a girlfriend" he smiled. Everything happened so fast, too fast.

   He said that so carelessly that I didn't, no, I couldn't, even answer. I was so jealous in that moment that I wanted him to feel the same way. I knew that Niall loved me so i turned around and slammed my lips into his. Niall kissed me back, hard. I must have been a minute of us kissing when he sat down and forced my legs to wrap around his waist. It was so much better than Zayn's kisses. I knew that Zayn was jealous when he put his hand on Niall's back and yelled "Breath, geez!" I started laughing again and Zayn yelled out "MO!" but I was already in Niall's car.

   I put all of my luggage in the back of his car and just looked a him the hole car ride. "WOW!" I laughed. "I really missed you Mo!" Niall explained. "Wanna stay at my place?" he asked. "Yes, I just never thought-" i replied but he cut me off..."I love you Mo!" he screamed. I smiled at him and he knew what i was going to say before i even had to open my mouth. "I-" He cut me off again. "Let's go, babe!" he laughed. "Okay, Irish boy." I laughed then he swooped me up and carried me inside. I never thought it would be Niall who would make me feel so good, but it was and Zayn has to accept that. A LOT can happen over 2 years, i thought. Niall threw me on his bed and left to get my luggage. I loved Niall. Is that gonna change? I didn't know but at the same time I didn't have to know. I never thought i could be so lost in someone else's love besides Zayn's. There was one problem though...I WAS!


How was this chapter? Do you like Mo with Niall or should any of the other boys come after her? Thanks for reading <3 ya ~MoMo

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