Lost In Our Love

The band One Direction is just starting to put all the puzzle peices together for their fame when the girls get in the way. I (Mo) met the band at a meet and greet when i was 18 and met the band but i never thought it would turn into this. My ex boyfriend is back and he's not happy.


7. Hunter (ch. 5)

I had fainted for over half an hour. Harry was blowing in my face and he shook me gently. "Mo wake up!" Harry whispered. I opened my eyes and Harry kissed me on the cheek! "What's wrong guys?" I kinda yelled! "We thought you weren't going to wake up doll! You looked at your phone, screamed then fell totally backwards and hit your head on the table. You've been out for 45 minutes." Niall whispered. "What the hell was on my phone?" I screamed holding a ping ping ball sized bump on my head. I looked at Zayn and saw he had tears in his eyes while starring at my phone. "Honey.... Hunter texted you!" He whispered. I screamed again but Liam was holding my head up so I couldn't faint. Zayn showed me the text.

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