living with 5 guys can be hard

Layla will soon find out just how hard living with one direction can be.that's right she lives with one direction.will relationships blossom?will enemy's be made? read to find out


1. moving in

hi my name is layla i live with one direction. Yes the one direction it is really hard to live with five guys i mean you have to deal with all the gross things that go on behind closed doors. You have to deal with the girlfriends and the fans god. let me tell you the fans are crazy but i love them they are really nice and the girlfriends aren't that bad either. But over all the boys are pretty cool.There are some things i wish they didn't do like go naked around the house and tease me but  i love them.Oh i almost forgot to tell you how i know the guys. Well i am  Louis best friend i have been ever since preschool.Now i live with him and four other guys

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