living with 5 guys can be hard

Layla will soon find out just how hard living with one direction can be.that's right she lives with one direction.will relationships blossom?will enemy's be made? read to find out


4. i'm sorry

                                                                     layla's p.o.v


"first off harry kissed me not the other way around and second of i don't want to say"-me i see the tears filling his eyes "i thought you loved me"-jake as the words come out of his mouth the others come to see whats going on as i see louis i begin to feel even worse about whats going on. "i do love you and i always will i am just not in love with you anymore"-me the tears now streaming down both of our faces. "well then i guess we are over i will have everything of yours here tomorrow"-jake and just like that he left i saw the look of worry in the boys eyes but i didn't want to see any of them especially louis i think this is the first time that i haven't wanted to see him. with tears still streaming down my face i turn around and walk into my room and curl up in a ball under my blankets and cry myself to sleep almost hoping that i wouldn't wake up.

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