living with 5 guys can be hard

Layla will soon find out just how hard living with one direction can be.that's right she lives with one direction.will relationships blossom?will enemy's be made? read to find out


3. dinner

                                                                     Layla's p.o.v

after every body knew the others name we walked into the dinning room and sat don at the table it was a little awkward seeing as no one was talking. suddenly louis asked jake some thing "so jake how did you meet layla?" "well we have known each other since we were kids an we bumped into each other about a month ago and about a week after that we started going out"-jake "what a month ago? layla you didn't tell us you had a boyfriend for a month!?!?"- louis "it never came up" - me i looked around the table and every one was staring at me and louis even jake i started to get up "excuse me"-me i got up and walked to the bathroom upstairs i heard footsteps behind me but  i didn't pay any attention to them when i got into the bathroom i had just closed the door when some one busted in it was harry i smiled "hey"-me "hey what was that about downstairs and why didn't you want to tell us you had a boyfriend?"-harry he looked down after saying the last words "because i was going to break up with him because i like some one else"-me he looked up and kissed me after a few seconds i kissed back then i pushed him off and said "what the hell?"-me "i'm sorry"-harry than he ran out of the room and jake walked in and said"who do you have feelings for other than me and why did you kiss harry?"- jake

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