living with 5 guys can be hard

Layla will soon find out just how hard living with one direction can be.that's right she lives with one direction.will relationships blossom?will enemy's be made? read to find out


2. bring him home

                                                                     Layla's p.o.v  

i walked out of the bathroom and into my room i got dressed and walked into the living room. the boys were all sitting down on the couch i sat across them "so whats up"-me "nothing much just talking about the concert dates for next year"-Louis i reached up and hugged he hugged back "woah layla back off he has a girlfriend"-harry "and i have a boyfriend"-me "what who?"- liam. "oh he's just some one that i have known for awhile"-me "well i think you should bring him home"-niall "ok i will when should i bring him home?"-me "tonight at 8 we will have dinner with him"-louis i nodded and walked into the kitchen and called jake "hey babe i was wondering if you could come over tonight for dinner?"-me "yeah sure what time"-jake "8 but maybe you can come earlier so we can spend some time together"-me "yeah i can i'll be over by 7:30"-jake "ok see you then bye"-me 



                                                        ~~~~~ later that night ~~~~~

i walk out of my room and right outside of my door was louis and eleanor kissing i was a bit hurt seeing that but i don't know why. there was a knock on the door and i walked downstairs and opened the door and let jake in."hi"-me i gave him a hug and he pulled me in for a kiss after a few seconds we pulled apart louis tapped me on the shoulder "oh hi louis this is jake my boyfriend"-me "hi jake i'm louis and this is harry liam zayn and niall-louis gestured towards the guys


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