Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


9. section 9

That morning I felt completely awake and like I was reborn and walking on air. I want to skip to the fires around the camp and sing a random song and just am as glad as ever. I have the question that I had been asking myself since day one and the weight was lifted off my shoulders as I came over to the fire and hollered a grate "Good morning." to all that I passed and asked how they were doing.

 "Someone is in a good mood." Arrow chimed as I came forth. And Milo came to me and I swept him up and we both sawing around and ended with us together in a blissful and quick kiss.

 "Ok, good morning," Milo sleepily yawned and put a surprised tone in his voice as we parted and I smiled a true happy smile.

 "It is a good morning to know who you were!" I chimed but I think he completely ignored me. He looked more confused than he was awake.

 "I guess it is?" he questioned. But I could see the confusion in his eyes. He doesn't get the feeling that I have at this moment.

 "Oh yes, I used to be Nell and I once was like my mother kind and sweet and putting other before myself and..."I said and I could see arrow behind Milo listening in to the whole thing.

 "You told her?" Arrow snapped which put the mood into a complete spiral.  Heflin quickly looked defensive and ready to slash Arrow for making that statement.

 "She asked! And she has the right to know. Besides she is my sister." Heflin yelled. I could see the rage light in her eyes and I summoned my  sword just in case the children needed to be tolerated.

 "And that gives you the right to tell her such lies? I saw that you two were talking about and you called me wrong?" Arrow said and for once she dawned her bow and Heflin got her eyes To that deadly reddish brown.

 "You have before!"  Heflin yelled. And arrow let her guard down but it was Heflin that was using her powers. "I'm tired of wasting time."

 Arrow's eyes widened as she dropped the bow weekly sent the arrow weekly towards Heflin which landed at her feet.

 Arrow's breathing became rapid and shallow. I could tell that Heflin is using the same technique that she used on me.  Making her heart speed up and slow down to where she felt like she could die right there from stress or from Heflin going too far.

 After Heflin was done she walked the way that we were fallowing before we set up camp. I knelt down to Arrow and she was covered with sweet and having a difficult time catching her breath. Her eyes were a little crazy as she looked at me and whipped off a bit of sweet. "At least I am not a spy." She finally stood with my help and almost fell taking me with her. "That's right Heflin I know!" She called and Heflin stopped. In her tracks looked back at Arrow and made her practically faint with the sudden change in heartbeat.

 "Watch your mouth." Heflin whispered loud enough so I could hear.

"Wait you were a spy?" I questioned rushing over.  Heflin dodged my eye contacted and pushed her hair aside. "Tell me."

 "Ok, I once was one but not anymore! When I threw the communicator in the lake it terminated my duty as one." she quickly said and I was in rage.  She forgotten to tell me this and now this backstab.

 "But you still are one! What are trying to do Heflin kill us all?" I screamed I wanted to just enjoy my findings of me.  But I guess I'm not allowed to be free.

 "Not like you will when we are sitting on our butts and arguing about nothing?" She sighed apparently finished with the conversation although I am too. Heflin dose have a point since I looked up into the sky to see a few clouds in the sky and the sun were peeking high in the sky almost to midmorning position.  I sighed now knowing that she was right. This arguing is pointless since there could be many gifted being transformed into toys and being sold as we speak.

 "Pack the tents, we're moving out!" I ordered and got the campsite quickly packed. I started to think that they just don't want me to enjoy my past. I started walk next to Milo and I looked up front where Arrow and Heflin were so silent and two rows of solders between them. I could feel the silence creeping up and swallowing me whole.

"I guess they don't want me to enjoy my past." I sighed depressingly. Milo just ate up the vibe easily and like me was staring down at the ground and watching it slowly move in step with our feet.  Slowly our gazes ended at each other’s faces after my comment.

 "Guess not None." He said and I instantly got mad with him. But I figured it would be pointless to correct him since he has been calling me since we met and it is obvious that he is with them.

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