Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


8. section 8

"And after that a few years later they found Ti with her prediction and I was there to meet her but Steel took more of a shine to her then I ever did. The darling liked him more than me and I knew that it will be easer making friends with Steel than with Ti but it wasn't easy." Heflin smiled at that accomplishment but then it faded as she got to the next part. "Then the next vision the visions of the blast and you being the profit emerged through arrow's visions.  And I knew I had to protect you since I knew it wasn’t going to end well if I didn't protect you." she started to cry a little. I can see a tear run down her cheek and glow in the fire. "And this isn't the first time arrow foretold this cave or the land of toys."  She said that and then it hit me that we might be in trouble or that the monster might be captured.

"You mean it might be a trap and you know this!" I yelped and she covered my mouth as I continued. "And what are you trying to do kill us all?"

 “Hush. This place doesn't need the negativity." she whispered and I nodded in agreement. "I know this is making you panic but there still is a glimmer of hope, I still do." she said and she was clearly almost in tears by what she has told me so far. "But you know about all this so why haven't you told us these things." I did to them but they won't listen they just listen to you and that's all." she whispered and it was true.

 "Why?" I asked.

 "Because they believe it all! With the sun and moon lies and all." Heflin said. I looked into the fire that had died some and soon it will be burnt out or ablaze with knowing that this might end tomorrow. And then again it might last a lot longer than we hoped.

 I just stood and went back to where I laid. I felt relieved to know whom I was, or at lest a basic understanding to where I am satisfied and I know I can start to move forward but I am quite worried now about not finding any monster to end this but I push that aside and for once get a complete night of sleep.

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