Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


47. section 47

I started to celebrate a bit with my friends as I believed all of them that it was over. I started to leave with them until started to hear a bit of rattling of rocks that was from the pile right behind me. I turned around to see one small pebble fall from the pile ever so slowly. The small rock was thumping onto each of the boulders after it in a thump of warning.

I started to step back afraid that I was wrong in just a few seconds and about to be proved otherwise as the rocks slid off of the beast. The monster showed the armor that was bound to him as he stood tall and proud that I did not take his life. I looked around and thought that I should had done something to end it then but then that might had meant ending me.

“Good try prophet.” He sneered as he took one step after the other on the ground like an animal that was ready to pounce but wanted to take a good look around before he took the chance of the kill. I could hear the growl of hid breathing with every step after the sentence.

I was just getting warmed.” I chimed and the beast looked like he was taking in a commentary remark as the beast’s laugh boomed all through the tunnels. I started to look around thought of one more thing as in a power that could be of use. I ran around and started to think that I just had to get him around to where it was only him and me squaring off again.

“Stay still prophet!” He yelled as I heard every single scream and squeal from our weapons hitting each other again. I could feel time slowing and I knew that Arrow must have had been thinking the same thing I had been thinking or that she had seen the future again while the rocks were falling and revealing the beast that was underneath.

I smiled ever so slowly as I could see my chance as the speed of sound was also slowed to where it echoed into my ears and the world around me instead of just the echo of the cave itself. I can maneuver easily as I saw my mark once again as I knew that I needed Friar to help me to get on top to where I could place my sword into the slot.

I could feel myself lift from the grip of slowing time while Friar pulled me into his portal. “Take two.” He chimed and I nodded. I knew that we would still have to move quickly before Arrow gets tired or that the powers were off, or that the many possibilities go astray.  I start to think that I had to do this but as soon as I got the determination I got cold feet and backed off.

“More like a take three, after a moment.” I said and stepped back to only trip over my sword and land on the glass like ground. Friar let the portal close and I could see the astonished look that was painted all over his face and I knew that I had failed.

“None what’s wrong?” Fair asked and I placed my head in my hands.

“I got cold feet.” I cried and Friar placed a arm around me. He placed an arm and held me close.

“Hey, we are all scared. However we still need to fight since this it is to determine a lot more than just our future but everyone else’s that is like us. Remember, steal was lucky but Milo was not and if nothing else: do it for them.” Friar explained but it was not helping me.

“But what will happen afterwards? Will we be truly free?” I asked and Friar was looking like he was scrambling for words but settled back into what the truth is.

“I am not sure None, but it is still worth a shot since it is better than what it is now right?” Friar tried to resin with me. I figured that he was right to some degree while I think about the statement. I can see that the theme not changing and it isn’t for the better. Every gifted dead in the streets sine the government don’t care that we are spinning into old Earth before we had to leave it.

I rose thinking that the life that was going better with me doing something than nothing. I got up and knew that I only have one choice. “Friar, you are right. Anything is better than the life a lot of us learned and grew up to known.” I said

“Agreed None. Are you ready to try this again?” he asked and I was as I was already at the entrance where the portal was going to form right in front of me.

The cool breeze that came from the cave because of the opening of the portal was greeting me to the rest of my destiny. I prepared myself and then started to walk out with one foot first, only to remember that I was above the ground. However I was higher than the beast, and I failed to realize that, the part of me falling on top of the monster that is part of my family so I could kill, was supposed to happen.

I can feel the air fall through me as I tried to think of ways to land on top of the target instead of falling off of the beast or the worst, miss completely and then have to do this for the, in my mind fourth, third time. I stride not to try again.

I got closer and closer to the target but I had noticed something was wrong. Time was back to normal as I saw the shining eyes of my family member and my heart sank. I was thinking that he had spotted me while I fell. His brownish green eyes locked on my body and opened his mouth but instead of trying to swallow me whole he batted me over to the side. I could feel the claws dig into my skin. I was trying not to show weakness that I was hurt as I held my side to stop the flow of blood that started to look like a fountain.

“So the prophet can die, pity that you are a mortal.” He sneered as I slowly got up. I had enough of this battle and was getting tired of it. I slowly stood but I had to sway to one side to get my balance. I was starting to look like a beaten up dead girl while I tried to get my body to where it could go for one last push to win the war but I couldn’t as my legs collapsed. my sword hit the ground like shattering glass and bells chiming the fall of a worrier.

“I can...” I breathed as I was trying to not except defeat but I knew I was kidding myself that I was stronger than the beast. He started to come towards me as I started to look past him and wondered where were my friends and I noticed what I was staring at was Arrow on the ground. She looked hurt but Heflin was already over her and trying to use her powers to heal her. She looked back at me with a worried look that read to me that she might be dead. It started to make me wonder where Whitewolf was in all this.

I started to glance everywhere but I couldn’t see him until Ti started to run out of the back tunnel. “Arrow!” She cried running towards Arrow with Whitewolf and Seal right behind her.

“The crystal.” He chimed and left me to fight her. I knew that Ti was too young to fight this and I knew if she died then everything might be broken even though she is not the main part. I can see the beast go right after her and Snow, as small as he is, went towards the beast to sacrifice himself instead of forcing Steal do the unthinkable.

“SNOW!!! I can hear Ti’s ear piercing scream that lit something inside of me as all I could see Snow being swallowed whole by the beast and he smiled grimly with white fur in his teeth.

“Hey beastly!” I called as I jumped to my feet. “You had eaten one of my friends, time for you to face your fate.” I growled and started to face my enemy again.

“With pleasure but it is you that would have your fate taken into consideration!” He was ready to fight me again as I could see my friends retreating to give us space to fight once again as I hoped that the third, or forth, time is the charm.

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