Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


45. section 45

I could see the fur as I dodged out of the way. I rolled out of the way as I can see the blood red from her eyes and the shock that she was going to become useless.

“My powers? I can’t use them! The armor deflects my power!” Heflin stated and I figured that would happen since the wolf- like monster is like me, a prophet. However he must have plenty of time to practice his craft while I was just getting started.

“That is to be expected sis!” I sassed and I knew that was not the time to do that while the monster was going for friar. “I need to figure a way to get out.”

I can see the monster start to swipe at my friends as I got in the way and I could hear the hiss of his claws on my sword. I could tell that I was going to live because of every sound meant that I was going to be alive for at least that attack. I knew that I needed to have a moment where this could be one on one with this beast that way my friends could devise a plan and then I see it, a chain that was around his neck.

“What is wrong child? Can’t seem to find a way without having me kill everything that you have? Just like the gods did me?” He chanted and I was not willing to go down.

“That is what I am hoping that it would be only you and me in this dance.”  I snickered back as the dance continued and I could see out of my eye that they were trying to devise a plan. Arrow, as usual, didn’t wait that long as she started to get her weapons out of her holster and fired them one by one to the beast.

“Hey where wolf! Come and get The Fortuneteller!” Arrow said and I could see that the beast like the sound of that as he was starting to grin again.

“My pleasure little gifted.”  He snarled and he went to Arrow and she wasn’t expecting him to take the bait so soon, as all I could see was her jaw dropping to the floor and I can feel something cold hit my back. I could see Arrow and Whitewolf trying to ward of the beast as I could feel a hand go around my mouth and pull me into the cold portal.

“Friar, what are you all thinking?” I exclaimed and Friar put a finger up to his lips, telling me to be quiet. We waited till the portal was completely closed till he said it was ok to talk.

“Well, it was Arrow and Whitewolf’s idea first off. Second I am supposed to get you on top of that beast and have you find the spot where his armor parts either on the back or underneath.” Friar said and I agreed with the plan, if it will work. However I remembered Ti and Steal and wondered what had .

“Ti, Steal, what about them?” I rambled. Friar looked a bit confused but then seemed to realize what I was asking.

“Oh yes, they are safe. Now c’mon None let’s concur this beast.” Friar said and I somehow felt ashamed that everyone was calling, what is supposed to be, one of my family members a so-called beast.

“Friar I think that it is supposed to be let’s kill one of my family member’s.” I chimed a little too happy for what the sentence sounded.

“What do you mean?” Friar said and I started to glare at him and could only say one thing.

“I might as well face the facts, I am killing a family member and that is fact.” I said and Friar looked at me like I was a very different person.

“Very well. This is where you fall off.” He said and I looked down knowing this was it I was going to fulfill what I had been dreading to do.

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