Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


38. section 38

I could see the sun as I arose from my mat. I wasn’t sure that last night was a dream or not but I do know that I am wide awake. I was surprised that the Government had yet to start fighting us.

“I am surprised that they had yet to completely smash us.” I said to myself as I walked out of our tent. I looked around and found the nut stash and I didn’t think but take one so I could eat since I knew I would need the energy. I started to pop the nuts one by one into my mouth and not care if they did not last.

“None are you finally eating?” I can hear my sister chime as I came forth from the aria of tents and I can see the eyes fallow me. I let every single pair roll off my shoulders since I was the one that ate last instead of grabbing the first bag off the pile by cutting the line.

“Today I need my strait.” I chimed as I popped another piece into my mouth. I chewed it up and savored the flavor. I started to stand right next to her but a sound of the common cannon sound hit my ears and made me fall to the ground. The momentum made me roll over and over again. I was seeing the sky then the ground and then sky, to then back again. I was wondering when I was going to stop I would finally look up at the sky.  I can hear another canon rage over the valley and I immediately moved back up the hill but when I turned back, a cannon ball was right by where I stopped rolling. I sat down and was bewildered that I am living to see today or at least till I saw the prophecy.

“You just danced with death.” I hear Arrow behind me and I didn’t know that she had seen everything. Her face was in aww and a bit of annoyance.

“It wasn’t my intentions.”  I sighed as I pushed my hair out of my face. I was thinking that she was starting to hurry us again and I didn’t blame her that this was the way we were going to leave this war for the moment made me  nervous since we were at it again with the toy horses and other animals starting the charge for day two of the battlegrounds of death. I started to wonder what the fallen do or even go to after they are slain. I started to push that aside as I saw Arrow take an arrow from her quiver.

“Unfortunately, this is mine.” She chimed with intensity.  Arrow left us in the mist of her unloading her holster.

“I don’t want to fight.” Heflin sighed and I was surprised that she would say something like that.

“What do you mean?” I asked and she plopped herself on the ground and let her arms hang on her knees.

“I mean we are only on the second day and we are supposed to be at paradise. I wish that we could stop and that we never went back.” She sighed and I knew what she meant. I was regretting an item myself as I knew what the consequences of keeping a secrete could do.  The war in front of me could be fought off before and we would have the advantage, but we don’t and I could only do is watch in almost helplessness.

“It is my fault that this is what is happening.” I sighed and had my voice fall in every word to where it was almost nothing at the end.

“What?” Heflin questioned as she must had not heard what I said as canons were really firing one after the other.   The sounds rang through the air and I could see each shot before landing into the ground. I could tell that the cannons were more on the task of aiming for the camp than our fighting squad down below.  My heart was sinking by the minute, lowering itself deeper and deeper in my gut. The swarms of invisible lines so I was fighting with guilt to let me keep this secrete for just a moment and let me say it was nothing. However, I knew if Heflin wasn’t going to be persistent, Arrow was going to be and I was not willing to deal with her bickering and interrogations.

“I did THIS!” I yelled and held my hand out to show what the this was. She was stunned to figure out that I was talking about the war that was raging on in front of us. The wide eyed Heflin started to double back between me and the war and I was ready for an earful that she had found out that I had been keeping this in a secrete for the longest time.

“You did?” She questioned and I could feel the guilt eat me to where I had to ramble.

“I did this, the war, the secrete that they were fallowing us, I thought that they were just mirages. “ I wined and then I could see that she was just putting the pieces together and seeing that I did wrong/

“Why didn’t you tell us?” She yelled and got right in my face, she was trying to suppress her powers in order to not let them show and do damage to me.

“I thought they were just a mirage! A hoax! I didn’t think Heflin and now…” I trailed as Gweeno came up to us.

“To late for you to change anything in the past if you are.” He chimed in his normal wise person voice and I nodded knowing that he is right. I knew that Heflin understood and now the dire need of us to get going on looking for the other profit that would finish the story. I started to go to the battlefield and Heflin fallowed.

“What are you doing?” Heflin called and I turned and faced her.

“Go find Steal, Ti and Friar! We are on the road again!” I called and she knew that the final moments had ended to this war.

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