Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


31. section 31

I can see various baby dolls on top of the main center of our base while the government had there’s to where we were. Our soldierly looked ready especially the small hand puppets and some others that were ready to storm the base. “This is where we hold them for you Profit.” I hear a toy horse whinny beside me as I was starting to race on what was going to happen to them. We were just toys and gifted against a band of trained people.

The negativity parted and I could see why everyone was here. To gain back freedom so that the circle of life would be back and I can see the rows of fighters gathering on both sides. I looked around and I felt something touch my hand.

“My troops are ready for battle.” Milo said and I smiled while he grasped my hand. “And don’t think that the earth had stained me but I am not sure about you if it had than having life wash you in the way you had done me.” He said and I felt his wooden lips touch my cheek as he handed something to me.

“I am now but what is this for?” I asked toying a little kid’s shaking device.

“Call to arms. And you will hear a sound of angry children.” Milo answered and I thought that he was kidding as I walked up front of the rows and columns. I had never felt more powerful in my life as I raised, what looked like a child’s rattle.

“For all whom are willing to fight for the Gifted! I call thee to arms! Sound the trumpets raise the flag this war has begun!” I yelled as I swung it down. All at ones hundreds of kids and toys rushed down the hill almost looking like a waterfall with me as their leader holding the charge. I looked behind me to see banners signaling our side on top of our tents while cannons raged on their side while earth movers did the same amount of damage on ours. I knew that we had to storm the base but I also can see the clowns feeding front and into the raging swarm of hail bullets as I started to join the war myself as I start to hear bullets fill the air.

I hear the trumpets sound the charge as I raced down to protect the two kinds of toys. “Puppets, try to storm the base! Clowns take the rear!”  I commanded as I got my sword out just in time to slash a man’s throat open as his blood splattered across my face, making me gag a moment before moving on. The warzone reminded me of the Aroven’s war when there were many dead as I know this will be as well.

“Toy horses mount, Charge!” I tried to command as I knew I wasn’t being heard unless it was for a retreat. I started to dance with my sword, letting it become me as I can hear the hiss of bullets either from them passing me or the bullets hitting my sword. I glanced up for only a moment to see that there was a cannon ball coming straight at me and I was frozen. I wanted to get out of the way by something was keeping my legs still as I watched the ball come closer and closer to me.

I felt something hit my back as I let the momentum move me forward and onto the ground further then where the cannon landed. I turned around to see Milo on the ground. His body was impaled in two as I tried to get the cannon ball off of him but it would have been no use since he had took most of the blunt of the hit. For a small solder, he was the one that saved my life several times over.

“Milo, how did you...” I tailed before I shook my head. The resin didn’t matter to me as I know that he had gotten almost life sized magically somehow and that he had did the ultimate sacrifice.

“Get bigger, Well that is one of the kind gifted’s powers for you. I forget which one it was but I am sure to thank him when I am free.” His voice was quiet as I started to stay beside him, not caring about anything else.

“I figured but we need to get you…” I started but I felt a week hand touch mine while tears started to rush down my cheeks. I couldn’t help it, my friend and lover was dying and I can’t help it. I looked in his eyes and they reflected a bit of calmness while mine must had shown fear and want to get him well as everyone seemed to be doing the same thing as him. I can still hear the war around me and I was thinking that I needed to get back to it.

“Don’t I want to go now, I will be free.” Milo stated but I was still in the mood to get him back to camp.

“Why? We need you!” I hear myself cry out and he smiled.

“There is this promise land and then there is the other, where we are reborn. I will become one of the first animals back on earth.”  He whispered, almost too soft for me to hear.

I started to see what he saying as I could see what he meant because that is what the gifted used to be. The sounds were gone from the earth and it is there fault that they were killing us by putting us into crystals. But then I hear something that was off, a small bird hindering a sound of riotousness and power. I was amazed at how strong the song was as more started to sing in the mist, the sound was like a rally to us and enlightened where the gifted needed to be.

“Looks like someone was chosen while I sit and wait for a bit.” Milo stated as I quickly turning to him thinking that this was hard, letting him go. I started to hear the twigs once again crash to the ground as he was becoming a piece of my past and I did not want that to happen. “I’m ok.”  I can hear from Milo but I was still not convinced but was bewildered that the animals of earth would start to come back here after so long of being trapped, or from hiding.

“I still want to try.” I cried and I can feel a hand resting on my leg as another cannon fire rang through the air.  I looked around for help while I could see a few birds soar overhead  I had never seen such a marvelous site but it pulled me away like an distraction of what I needed to focus on. I put my hand around the rest of him but I noticed that most of him wasn’t there anymore as glowing dust started to arise from his body. “What is going on?”  I sked and I can see a shy smile cross his face as I am now in tears without delay. One after the other, the tears still were falling from my cheeks and staining his jacket that showed that he is a solder, my solder. I start to panic and hide it at the same time. I could not believe that this was our goodbye.

“Don’t cry None. I will see you someday when these gates are shattered and the cycle is truly reborn.” Milo wheezed out but I was still ready to help but I am helpless, watching a love die once is bad because you don’t know how he is going to become once when he was transformed or that he wouldn’t either last the transfer. This is the second death that Milo is having right now in front of me and it is scaring me stiff.

“When?” I said and he looked up at the same sky I was looking at earlier as the final flakes of his body magically erased itself into the stratosphere. “Milo!” I yelled as I know that time had slowed as now I am seeing life slow around me as I know Milo is now gone. The life that was creeping to the edge of death to all around us and I needed to stop it as I tried to call a retreat but I noticed that Arrow was next to me.  I kept my mouth shut but she came up to me.

“What is wrong?” She asked but I wasn’t ready to answer. I was dodging her gaze since it was bothering me.

“Milo is gone.” I said and she looked saddened then I let her have what I was thinking but it wasn’t anything madding or demanding that I was trying to make it to sound. “We need to retreat.”

She reared up as if I said that we should surrender. It might as well be that way since I was done with the war in general I wanted to live in the city and let everything go to someone else’s responsibility to let me live in peace.  “We shall never surrender.” She hissed and I raised my sword to her neck.

“I am not saying surrender, I am saying regroup.” I said. I released her and she was still glaring at me harshly.

“Very well but you have to find all of us and then we can regroup, only our original group!” she hissed and I was satisfied with what I got.

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