Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


28. section 28

“What do we do now?” I asked and everyone was giving me a blank stare as an unsure peace of action. I was not sure whether to take over and make a plan for myself and the rest fend for themselves or have someone take the lead for once and let me be background.

“Well I say we need to find the cave that houses the Marc of the holder.” Gweeno suggested and I felt my body go a bit limp as I could have told them that but I didn’t since it was the most obvious way to go.

“Agreed.” Arrow sighed and looked at the map that told me that she was trying to get a grip on where the search groups had not been at yet. But then I noticed that the map was mostly searched and it might still be here but it would be drastically slim that it would be here as I could only think of one place that it would more likely be.

“I think I know where the cave is at.” I stated a bit too loud as all eyes were back on me instead of Arrow. I didn’t notice that I also broke though the silence as I started to get extremely nervous at what I was going to say to them as I know one wrong word would topple everything.

“What was that none? I hear Gweeno state as I got my words in order.

“We need to search one area, on the other side of the gate. I stated and Gweeno shook his head.

“There is only two portals to this world that I know of. I do see a flaw in your plan; the hike would be too long before all is lost.”

“We have a portal and there might be three.” I said and Arrow started to straighten up while she was showing that she had figured out what I was saying.

Gweeno looked at me with amusement that this might not be the last time I raise my voice to him and I was feeling a lot better than before.

“Are you sure about this?” He let the words smoothly slide off his tongue and forced them into my ears. I started to feel confident since we didn’t have a chance to find anything else that fit the Arroven prophecy as in the theory of gates. I was nervous that this was not going to work but I was trying to find something of comfort in the people around me, but there was none. Just like my name states.

“I am ferly certain that this would work.” I said and Gweeno lifted one of his glassy eyes in question.

“Ferly certain?” He questioned and Arrow must have finally figured out what I was trying to get her to recognize since Gweeno seem to trust her more than me.

“She might be right.” I hear Arrow state beside me. Everyone turned to her while she continued, “There might be three, the land might have entrances like a clock to counter suspicion, one in four portals to get here from our world, one in four tries to possibly find the correct entrance, but there might be five and we need the fifth.”

“She might be right.” I hear a voice behind me and I know it is Ti. Her little face did not look as flushed as it had been the days past since she had become ill.  She stepped out into the room with Steel rushing to her side, unsure how long she could stand without rest. Her powerful walk by me told me that she was ready to speak.

She clenched my hand as soon as she got next to me. “I am the life and you are the protector.” She reminded me. I felt that she knew something that I didn’t as her eyes glowed and the map turned into a few places that we had been that is part of the Crystal’s past, which means that we are seeing the tunnel that the Marc was first seen when I found out that I was the true profit.  “Now, I believe that None was talking about this place here as one of the tunnels. It is an Aroven profit cave painting.” Ti started and then she stopped using her powers to make sure that she could still stand and not overdue anything.

“Your point is?” One of the cats asked and Ti smiled.

“This is the last spot that we haven’t checked that there was a holding cave or a connection tunnel.” Ti chimed and I was starting to feel proud of her.

“Very well then how many people do you think you will need?” Gweeno asked as if leaning towards letting us do what we were thinking of doing.

“Arrow someone is here for you he says he had come from a new tunnel.” A toy clown called though the curtain and Arrow looked concerned as she started to rush out of the tent but as soon that she reached the curtain that was the entrance and glanced back.

“We already found the one person.” She said and she ran out leaving us in wonder.

“She can thank me later.” Steel sighed and everyone glared at him as my heart sank. If he did something to bring one of Arrow’s tribe members here during something catastrophic than we must not have time to waste since the nightmare will soon be approaching us sooner than what we think while I hear something in the distance that shakes the whole place.  My hands pound on the table for balance but it tips on me and I almost tipped it over.

I knew that the nightmare had begun as I glared around to Steel whom looked just as shocked as me. The darkens had washed over us in the middle of the day.  I felt unsure on what to do when his and his cat’s face was a bit white and his temples was showing that he was using his powers.

“Steel stops using your powers when you don’t need to!” I yelled and then he said the two words that I wished that I would never hear.

“I can’t.” he yelped then he went on to explain himself, “I never did! I just know when to make it happen it is a warning power I sometimes can control it but usually it is a no!”

I felt rage build up inside me that I knew I shouldn’t have as I could hear a whimper by me as I got up. I went to Ti and noticed that she was crying about something. I went to her and tried to place a comforting arm around her so she would have a shoulder to lean on but she turned in refusal.

“Steel lied to me.” She squeaked through her tears and I glared up to him in wonder of what Ti was saying but he got up and listened for the cat that he needed to be a little whole and to make sure that it is safe.

“I know but it was to protect you, and me.” He sighed and started to walk towards Ti but she quickly sprang up from the ground and ran out, leaving Steel to rush after her. He was acting fatherly again, making me feel happy that I didn’t have to deal with her, I only have to mess with what is going on with Arrow as I suspected a return of a familiar face.

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