Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


27. section 27

The days passed I would had to admit, the scare of the army subsided and Ti was doing better as she is now able to walk around the tent. Friar was going to the fire and I fallowed. I was happy that day for some reason while Arrow and Heflin were already in the tent with Gweeno strategizing.

I sat down on the grass as Gweeno and Friar settled in next to me. I was ready for a meal as I started to feel nervous and start to shut down my happiness. I reached over and grabbed the hand full of nuts as I wished that what I could see what was going over on the other side of that hill where Arrow and Heflin is.

I was then thinking that there had to be something better then right now but I was commutable in my spot so I listened into the conversation. The nuts that Arrow  and her team had gathered a few nights before and I am sure that there is enough but I feel ashamed that I am having this much food while the rest sit in wonder while most might not be able to be fed at least there would be enough so I wanted to be sure. Plus I wasn’t hungry anyway since I was hiding something from them all these days.

“What is wrong None?” Qweeno asked as I started to put the nuts back in my bag and set it back on the pile.

“I just feel wrong taking food first.” I lied thinking that I must bring attention away from what I wanted to say.

“Don’t there is plenty for everyone. We have some in one of the tents.”  He assured me and I looked at the bag and then stuffed it back in the pile, disgusted.

“No, I rather someone else have my rations.” I said and the guilt had taken hold of me and I tried to turn away from the army, but instead I almost stepped on Snow.

“Watch it!” Snow yelped and she grabbed another bag from the pile to take to Ti. The teddy’s facial expression was not a typical bear’s cheerful face as it was scrunched up and very angry at me.

“Sorry Snow! Is Ti doing better?

“Better  than before but she is still having daily healings, thanks for asking while I almost got ran over, again.” Snow shouted and I was confused on what she ment by again.

“Again?” I questioned and she softened a little.

“I am almost one of the smallest toys here, it’s hard to get around so...” she trailed and I knew what she was saying as I lifted her in my hands and we smiled. “Thanks.”

“You want me to take you to Ti?” I asked and little Snow nodded. We walked through the tents and I was thinking that there is going to be an interruption soon that there were going to be governmental guards that were going to kill us and put us to war at any moment.

We went inside and Ti was still by the fire but she was a bit more cheerful than the last time as I entered with her friend whom she hadn’t seen in a while. Ti came over with glee and grasped Snow and swirled her friend around in her arms. Steal was in the tent as we entered. I was happy to see him as we entered. The brightness in his non seeing eyes was a nice touch to the world that I was droning myself in.

“Snow there you are!” Ti said and then I saw that Ti wasn’t using her powers but Snow and the others were, as it was in the first place, being alive by the magic in this land. Snow rushed over to Ti while trying to hold the two bags of nuts in his hands.

“I brought food for us.” Snow said and she looked around but she didn’t stray other than going by the fire and having some of their meal together. I thought that they were both happy together that I wished that I could see  in every part of the world but this is a war more than anything. This was what I missed in the actual world since now I have blood of my father on my hands.

“The vision is beautiful.” I hear Steal behind me and I smiled. I knew that he couldn’t see it but he did have his cat in his hands which I think enhances his vision every time he holds his cat.

“It is if only this could last.” I chimed and he put a hand on my shoulder in a kind jester.

“You do know about the night mare?” He says when it hit me that he was talking about the army and I was ready and I was not sure what to say.

“Y…Yes.” I stuttered and he glared at me and I thought that I was missing the mark.

“Well I think you better go and check on Arrow before she…” Steel started to say while Arrow burst in the tent and I was surprised that Steal would predict something that I should had known he would do just that.

“None you have to come quick! The scouts found something in the high hills that is on the route to the tunnel!” Arrow yelled and I knew that something was wrong as I fallowed her to the spot and as I got there I was stunned. The smoke of a second camp that was several hills behind us that the battlefield was planned to be on but the battle field was hilly and we had the upper hand on terrain. But we didn’t have the location of the actual tunnel we were not ready for a war,

“They found us.” I whispered to Arrow as I was panicking that this is not going to plan. I could see us going to war and being slathered since we were not ready. The loom of the darkness was over my head as now the number one thing that I have to do now is find the tunnel of the Marc that would end this curse forever.

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