Kept clean : the continuation of Stained through

My Name is None short for No one but I know that I am a someone that has to save the world but now Heflin, my new found sister, is telling me about my past. Also I am starting to question Arrow's remarks and disigions. Can I keep the peace and for once be the someone that has done something to keep the past and save the future?
Continuation book of Stained through: (C)
participated in Camp NANO for April 2014


26. section 26

The sun felt like a spotlight on me. It was not because of the heat either it was going to be the fact that I was going to be back as the “marked one” and I would have to mess with that all over again. I can see the hill that Ti always looked over instead of her sitting there it was Arrow looking for us as she ran on down the grassy hill.

“There you all are!” She said and then she immediately went to happy to worried, forgetting that we had an army by us but I started to worry about something as well. I knew that we were in range of Ti’s powers but they weren’t bringing the toys back to life. “Ti is very sick, Gweeno, I and several others had tried but she hasn’t improved.” She said and Heflin started to run up the mountain.

“I got this, take care of the army!” She yelled as she went to the tents to ask around. I wondered how Ti was truly doing when I remembered the millions of eyes that were looking at me.

“Arrow, here is our new recruitments that you wanted.” I said and she looked amazed at what we had done. Her eyes got round and looked like she was amazed at the few rows and sections that surrounded us. “Uh, Arrow, Are you going to do your usual sergeant person?” I asked and it seemed liked that I got to her as she shook her head a bit and got back to her old self.

“So I need everyone to get along with the toys they were once you a while ago. Please it does not seem like much now, but it will be soon as we get Ti, our girl with the power to get these crystals back to life, well.” Arrow called out and I was wondering what she meant by the campsite doesn’t look like much. “You are dismissed.” She called and everyone went up the hill but she was waiting till everyone else. “None, come with me.”

I fallowed her with a heavy heart as I took steps slowly and cautiously to make sure that I didn’t run into or run over any toys. It saddened me that the place would be so calm, so quiet. The toys were dead and lifeless. Most were huddled into a tent but they weren’t moving too much, like they should as I hear the whimpers of the toys in my crate that I had forgotten that I had volunteered to carry. I knelt down and let the door open and the toys filed out of the crate.  I could hear the cheers and the happy sayings that filled the air. I can see the others start to rise as they had possibly heard the yelps of the toys.

“May I see Ti?” I asked after we watched the happiness in the toys for finding the promise land and seeing more.

“This way.” Arrow sighed as if she wanted to see more of the reunion around us. We dragged ourselves through the tents. We entered through one that I had never been in before that had the iconic gold vines that I have on my arms and Arrow went into the tent first introducing the place as “our home”.

We entered the hut and there was Ti, lying in a snuggled blanked breathing heavily as Heflin tried to hold her hands steady over her. Her eyes were the healing color that they should have been. She stopped for a moment to let herself rest then turned to us. “I’m not sure…” Heflin huffed and went back to work. She didn’t have to finish her sentence I already knew.

Ti lied there, sick and all of us wondering if it was wrong of us that we brought her here because the mount of need is too much. The place might have the realm of life for the toys but she gives them sprit and hope as someone so young can do and understand everyone, like the queen. Ti was very week while Heflin got back to using her powers as Gweeno entered the tent.

“I am glad that you made it back in time. Arrow can you please get us another cold bucket?” Gweeno asked and Arrow nodded before she left the tent.

“How Sick is she?” I asked and Heflin huffed and stood up her face had all the showings of hopelessness but a spark of determination was showing though to where I knew that Ti would not slip easily.

“Very, it had been a while since I had healed someone that is on the verge of death.” Heflin sighed and started to wipe her hands together like they started to hurt her.

I huffed and thought that we are doing what we can as I knelt back at her side. Her head was dripping with sweet like she had been under the weather since we left. “Ti we are here.” I calmly chimed as I felt her head and I could feel the almost blistering heat radiate off of her.

“Welcome.” Ti weakly sighed as she shuffled under the hand spun blankets. The fire was away from her since she was on the furthest part of the tent because of her sickness. I started to become a bit hopeful as her bright blue eyes were still darkened.

“Ti, keep on fighting, we are going to stay and get you well.” I said and she started to reach her hand out and tried to find mine.

“I will if you will help my kingdom.” She said and Milo came into the tent. He looked surprised to see me as I ran up to me and I couldn’t help but give him a hug.

“I was ready to say that we weren’t going to see you since we knew where you and Heflin were going.” Milo whispered in my ear. I wanted to kiss him but the urge subsided a little when he said that.

“I almost did pass, suffering the same fate as you.” I sighed and lean in for a kiss. The heat that transferred from one of us to the other felt wonderful as I knew that the ice of our lips touching. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I could hear Gweeno’s comment.

“Ah, young love. I miss those days.”

“I hope it didn’t hurt you.” Milo said and we parted from our kiss.

“I knew she wouldn’t Milo.” Steal chimed as I was starting to wonder where he was.

“Why, did you use your powers on me?” I asked and he smiled and put his black cat in one of his arms instead of both of them as before. He made his way to Ti and set the cat down by her and she started to snuggle with the toy cat.  The little toy meowed a bit and I felt a happy feeling wash over me because I was back home and that I was back with my lover. I would only change that Ti being sick.

“I can take dreams and make them into nightmares and vice versa.” He chimed happily. I stared at him in wonder. I was confused on how he knew that he would know unless there was a resin that he would say such a thing. He must have done something to see me so far away and then it clicked, the clouds parted in my mind, to where I knew exactly how.

“You used your powers!” I exclaimed thinking that he was week and that there was not enough of strength to be spent on any of his powers.

“It clicked.” He chimed gleefully like a teacher getting a lesion though to a pupil. His face brightened and it made me wonder what he was up to in order to see me in the holding facility.

“Well how did you do such a marvelous task?” I asked and He motioned me to fallow him. The sun felt a bit good but it would be much better on a happier circumstance as I felt a few drops of spattering rain hit my head.

“I don’t like to talk about my powers around Ti right now, she worries.” Steal stared and I knew that she was worried about him and he does the same thing for her. It was too were everyone swore in the beginning that they were brother and sister in a past life.

“I understand but please I wonder why you did such a thing?” I chimed and he nodded slightly with agreement knowing that I needed to know now how he could do such a task.

“My dreams and meditating are the paths that I have to use for my powers, other than a once in a while visions. But I don’t talk to Ti about them since I had already explained, but I am scared about something else other than what I saw about you. Plus Arrow saw the same thing.” Steal said and I got concerned.

“What did both of you see?” I questioned and he was shaky on his next sentence as he was acting like he was choosing his words very carefully as he was trying to not make me upset.

“I saw that you were overlooking something and that was a government camp and Arrow saw the war.” Steal said and I was not ready for this. If he saw the part where I was looking over the land where the government emblem was then he had a hand to save my life.

“Then is this the dream or the nightmare?” I asked in worry that they might find us in a moment of weakness. I started to situate myself in a stance that would last a long chat, longer than the sun setting into the dark shades of night.

“I don’t know None, But I know seeing you planning yourself as a sacrifice was a nightmare for me and Milo…” He tried to explain but I cut him off in the middle of the conversation.

“You told Milo?” I questioned knowing now why he automatically kissed me with that square mouth that I think makes him look stronger.

“I had to. He is part of the strategy team and your boyfriend.” He stated and I let Steal slide since he did make a valuable point. I started to calm myself down and not go after him. I still was a bit mad at him for telling Milo but not telling him would just make this situation worse so I moved on with the conversation.

“So you saw my plan, talked over and all.” I sighed and Steal looked saddened that he had to be a part of the escape from afar.

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